Nashville Five /// Apollo Wild


Set to carve a path for Nashville’s alt-rock scene, Apollo Wild are all about love in their Nashville Five. They’re playing The High Watt this coming Tuesday (Valentine’s Days) in support of their debut record, ‘No Love Lost.’

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Nashville Five /// Airpark


Wasting no time since the end of Apache Relay, Michael and Ben Ford have taken to a new project, Airpark. They’re playing High Watt on Friday.

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Nashville Five /// Buck N Stuff


Nashville’s favorite renegade Buck Owens cover band ticks down a few of their favorites before the third night of their American Legion Post 82 residency.

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Nashville Five /// Blank Range


Blank Range have been putting in their time for years now, and with their most recent ‘Vista Bent’ EP, things look to be headed in the best possible direction.

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Nashville Five /// Okey Dokey


Nashville’s fledgling psych soul stalwarts, Okey Dokey shared their five places to help you get away and make you feel like you’re not in Nashville preceding their upcoming show at Basement East on 12/1.

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Nashville Five /// Brent Cobb


With the success of his new LP, ‘Shine On Rainy Day,’ Brent Cobb took some time to share his Nashville Five with L/S to precede his upcoming sold out show opening for Chris Stapleton at Ascend Amphitheater this Saturday.

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(Almost) Nashville Five /// Darlingside

Darlingside may not be a Nashville band, but band member Don Mitchell has more than a semblance of an idea of how a “true” Nashvillian might spend their day. Darlingside is playing the High Watt 10/6.

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Nashville Five /// Truitt

Truitt is one of Nashville’s most incendiary new pop acts, touting their eponymous EP, ‘Truitt.” Get to know the band’s favorite “Must Do’s” on their Nashville Five.

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Nashville Five /// Modern Inventors

Philly transplants Modern Inventors share their Nashville Five of places they hit when they start feeling a little homesick. They’re playing at The Basement this Saturday, 8/20.

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