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Wasting no time since the end of Apache Relay, Michael and Ben Ford have taken to a new project, Airpark. They're playing High Watt on Friday.

It was a sad day when Apache Relay was pronounced no more. screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-11-16-15-amAll was not totally lost, however. Michael Ford Jr. and Ben Ford – the Ford brothers of Apache Relay (obviously) – took it upon themselves to continue making music under a new moniker (and thank goodness they did).

Airpark is the new nom-de-plume of Michael and Ben Ford, and damn do they get down under their new name. If you’ve been in Nashville at any given point over the past five or six years, then you’re likely familiar with Michael and Ben’s body of work in Apache Relay, but it’s high time to get acquainted with Airpark.

Luckily for you, Airpark has new tunes coming out soon. Early Works, Vol. 1, is set to drop this March, and its vibey to say the least. A slight departure in the sense of folk leaning indie rock was what the Ford brothers had opted for in the past, Airpark is all about groove. But don’t take my word for it, see the band in person to get the real feel of Airpark.

And while you’re at it, be sure to check out Airpark’s Nashville Five before checking them out live tonight (1/20) at the High Watt as part of the Mercy Lounge Anniversary show.

Dearest Reader (and likely fellow musician)…this is how we level out when our brains are fried and our ears are ringing… 

5 Favorite Things to Do In Nashville When We Need An Ear Break (In No Particular Order)

Belcourt Theatre

I know we weren’t the only folks missing it hard when they closed for renovations. It was a scary glimpse of what Nashville would be like without an indie theater. Needless to stay, we’re glad they’re back open and the place looks killer. The folks over there do an awesome job of selecting wonderful independent films, curating themed film series and throwing some quality classic movies in the lineup as well. Also, their concession options are primo.


Third Coast Comedy Club

We have some friends that started going pretty regularly and were loving it. Outside of growing up watching SNL pretty religiously, our knowledge of comedy is admittedly fairly limited. That being said, we’ve always been fascinated by the bravery required to even attempt summoning laughter from an audience. It’s even more true with improv, which is what we checked out at Third Coast. We were wildly impressed with the cast that gave super smart and clever performances from start to finish. Laughed till I couldn’t breathe.

Tip for the fellow Introvert: Don’t volunteer your friends. They’ll pick you as punishment…just ask Melissa Madison Fuller.


Salute Your Shorts 

Salute Your Shorts is a free night of film shorts ranging from documentaries to music videos to animated works (and more). Our bud Jason Gigax puts it on at The Family Wash the first Sunday evening of every month. It’s a rad opportunity to check out an eclectic cross section of Nashville’s film scene. We went to see a friend’s doc that he had made and all the entries we’re really impressive and tasteful. Highly recommend it.


Nashville Flea Market

If you’re up for some digging, they’re are some really quality vendors here. It’s a full day if you want it to be. We’ve found some really sweet rugs and vinyl over the last couple years at the Fairgrounds. We like the outdoor element to it, as we’re always working in basements and studios, permanently Vitamin D deficient.


First Saturday Art Crawl

We’re so stoked to see the Nashville visual arts scene continuing to grow, and as writers, we always find it inspiring to check out other forms of art when we’re in need of some inspiration. Michael does some swirled out abstract paintings from time to time and we both have an affinity toward surrealism. The folks that organize the Art Crawl always find great artists to exhibit, and admission is free. Plus if you’re looking for a musical element to add to the mix, our buds at Fort Houston usually have some solid bands play outside and ACME Radio MC’s the whole thing.



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