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Set to carve a path for Nashville's alt-rock scene, Apollo Wild are all about love in their Nashville Five. They're playing The High Watt this coming Tuesday (Valentine's Days) in support of their debut record, 'No Love Lost.'

We’ve seen an expansion of Nashville’s outlaw country, garage punk, noise music, and pop scenes. They’ve each gotten their own time in the limelight – some more so than others – and some have even gone as far as becoming the stalwart face for our fair city (thank goodness, by the way). That being said, one genre that hasn’t seen quite as much coverage in and around town in recent years is the city’s alt-rock scene.

Sure, there’s alt-country and what not, but where does alt-country get its “alt” descriptor? From the alt-rock stylings of bands like Apollo Wild, of course. Set to be Nashville’s bastion of alternative rock n roll for the coming years, Apollo Wold is making its way to the front of the alt-rock line with their debut LP, No Love Lost.

Apollo Wild falls into an interesting intersection of singer-songwriter musings a la Josh Rouse and the alternative sensibilities of Franz Ferdinand or anyone from that early 2000s alternative explosion. Needless to say, there’s a vivaciousness to Apollo Wild’s music that’s been unconsciously missing from Nashville’s musical lexicon for some time. Luckily for us, they’ve come onto the scene to fill that void.
Apollo Wild will play The High Watt on Valentine’s Day to celebrate the release of their debut album, No Love Lost. Keeping with the “International Day of Love” theme, the guys in Apollo Wild – Ethan W. Barton, Reece Presson, Phil Campbell, Chris Malone, and Alex Rodriguez – shared their Nashville Five of best places to take each respective member on a date.

Apollo Wild’s Nashville Five

“Seeing as how we are releasing our debut album next
week on Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be fitting to list five places where you could take a member of Apollo Wild on a date and just really knock it out of the park. Two of the five band members are currently single, so you might even have a shot to test one of these out if you muster up the gumption.

  1.  Take Phil (most likely for you to fall in love with) on a date to Rebel Yell Tattoo! Not only are they all good ol’ fashioned drinkin’ buddies of ours, but they’re also incredibly dope artists and fellas… Plus Phil can’t afford to finish his sleeve. He could really use your help.
  2.  Take Alex (most likelya to say something utterly vile to you, but you think it’s cute) to the Villager Tavern for pitchers and pitchers and pitchers of beer. Actually, just meet him there. He’ll almost certainly already be there, and y’all can throw darts until you reach the point where neither of you can even hit the board anymore. Don’t forget to tip your bartender.
  3. Take Reece (most likely to make up a nickname for you that involves an obnoxious pun) on a date to Holland Housebefore he takes you there first. We say that because, as a friend of ours who works there recently pointed out, Reece has apparently taken at least three different girls (that we know of) on dates there. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it I guess?
  4. Take Chris (most likely to to become mayor) on a date to Kroger. HE’LL BUY A BUTT TON OF GROCERIES AND MAKE YOU A HOME COOKED MEAL THAT WILL MAKE YOU CALL YOUR MOTHER AND ASK HER WHY SHE DIDN’T LOVE YOU ENOUGH TO MAKE FOOD LIKE THAT FOR YOU. And then he’ll explain stuff to you that you’ll never be smart enough to grapple with, but that will interest you anyway. All the while, he will be drinking you thoroughly under the table and making you laugh. But heads up, he will have no memory of of it.
  5. Take Ethan (most likely to forget your name because he wasn’t paying attention) on a date to Tin Dog Tavern, because to be perfectly honest, if you ask him to go anywhere else he’ll probably just say no. And I mean, come on, everybody loves a good dive bar!
You’re likely to run into us at any one of these spots, and taking us there would indeed put you on the right track to winning yourself the withered, black heart of one of the Apollo Wild boys. However, you’re in luck! Because we’ve already gotten the hard part out of the way for you and asked YOU out on a first date: Tuesday February 14th at the High Watt. Will you be our Valentine?

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