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Nashville Five /// Truitt

Truitt is one of Nashville's most incendiary new pop acts, touting their eponymous EP, 'Truitt." Get to know the band's favorite "Must Do's" on their Nashville Five.

truittpromo2Much like the rest of the city and its never sleep music scene, Nashville’s pop scene has seen a considerable uptick in quality output – Matt Wertz, Cappa, Nodaway, COIN, LANY – over the past few years, almost serving as a subversive analogue to the Outlaw Country boon that’s had a similar but slightly more public acknowledgment. But as Nashville’s pop-scene has continued to grow steadily beneath a proverbial black light, its allowed for some intriguing variations on the genre, none more so than brother-sister duo, Truitt.

Fresh off the release of their debut EP release, Truitt, Brett and Brigetta manage to purvey feelings of glittery wonder juxtaposed by weighty lyricism that you’d be hard pressed to find in another 17-and-22-year-old duo with the same observational maturity. Lead track “Fallback” makes an impressive account of recognizing when one’s been all but taken for granted – a familiar pop premise, sure, but where Truitt transcends the genre uniformity is Brigetta’s visceral vibrattos and Brett’s backing coos layered over Jon Santana (Cappa, JMR) production.

All in all, Truitt is undoubtedly a fantastic addition to Nashville’s burgeoning pop scene, but seems poised to ascend the group in near meteoric fashion, so probably best to get on while the hype-train is still boardable. Check out Truitt’s Nashville 5 of “Must Do It’s” in town, and feel free to do so while listening to their eponymous debut EP, Truitt.

Nashville’s 5 Must Do It’s by Truitt

Farmer’s Market– One of our favorite places to go in Nashville is the Farmer’s Market in Germantown! It has the best local produce, plus other local business that are a must! This place has everything, including; The Grilled Cheeserie, Rocky’s Italian Ice, Peach Truck Peaches, etc. It also has the coolest unique food court, too. All of the restaurants are exotic to Nashville, and way better than the same old usual you get at the mall. If you decide to go here, you HAVE to try the chocolate chip cookies from the local business “Eat Like Kings.” Hands down the best dang cookie we’ve ever had, and we’ve eaten a lot of cookies. The farmer’s market is an experience you have to try. Definitely a place we recommend to all of our friends when they say they are visiting Nashville!

Percy Warner Park– This park is not as known as Nashville’s Centennial Park-another great park to visit-, but is way worth the drive. Percy Warner has a great nature walk and a killer set of stairs. It is one of our favorite places for a morning run, walk ,or hike. It’s also a great place to throw a blanket down for a picnic lunch, pick up a game of frisbee, or meet friends to hang out for a few hours.

5 Daughters Bakery– We LOVE food! It’s bad, but you know what isn’t? THESE CRONUTS! We were excited when 5 Daughters opened up a 12 South location a few months ago. Their 100 layer croissant donuts filled with cream are an unique experience (Maple Glazed is our favorite). One bite, and you’ll never want to stop. They also have the cutest donut wall on the side of the building, and is a great picture opportunity for all you instagram fanatics out there!

Catch a Show– Whether it’s Mercy Lounge, The Basement, The Ryman, or the Bridgestone Arena, there is a great show every night in Nashville. Stop by the Listening Room to see some of your favorite country songs sung by the people that wrote them. If you’re feeling hip, head over to our favorite venues, Mercy Lounge or Basement East, and see some of the best indie acts in the country. And of course, there are always headline acts at the Ryman auditorium and Bridgestone Arena. When you’re in Music City, you have to catch a show!

Taco ‘bout some Dinner– Well, I think you know where we are going with this one. Two words, Mexican food. There are so many delicious restaurants in Nashville, but the Mexican genre is our absolute favorite. If you’re looking for a cheap but delicious taco joint, our favorite is Taqueria del Sol, in 12 South. This place has a fried chicken taco, enough said. Another favorite of ours is Mas Tacos, located in East Nashville. They offer street corn, tacos, cool Mexican drinks, and plantains. I mean you can never go wrong with fried sweet bananas. Definitely check out the Mexican food in Nashville, it’s a must!


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