About Lockeland Springsteen

Hello, and welcome to Lockeland Springsteen, musings on music from Nashville, Tennessee.

You may notice that the way we do things is a little different than other music blogs. We let our voices, our personalities and our experiences shine through. We might not hold back in telling you about that time we listened to Dark Side of the Moon twelve times back in high school. We like to get to know you, so we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know us in return. We also hope you’ll notice we take great care in the posts we feature on the site. We value thoughtful words, proofreading and other arts often lost in the haze of the internet – and we value these things as music as the music itself.

Lockeland Springsteen began as the brain child of music journalist Marissa R. Moss. Upon her move to Nashville from New York City, trading the Lower East Side for East Nashville, she was immediately struck by the depths of the musical talent here – and by the diverse, supportive community she found on her side of the Cumberland River. Soon, Lockeland Springsteen became the vessel through which she could express her love for the city.

Shortly after, Marissa met Emily, another New York to Nashville transplant, and they became a team. Katie, Kimberly, Kevin and Shanning joined on in 2014.

Since its inception in 2012, Lockeland Springsteen has garnered the respect of some of the biggest names in the industry, including a mention in Nashville Lifestyles as their “hot blog,” a call-out on Lightning 100 and a mention in the Nashville Scene music poll as “Best Local Blog” by Seth Riddle of Serpents & Snakes and entertainment law firm Marcus & Colvin LLP.

Lockeland Springsteen has also produced and presented events with several venues, including Exit/In, The 5 Spot and The Stone Fox, featuring artists such as The Weeks, The Felice Brothers, Escondido, Alanna Royale, Tristen, Howlin’ Brothers and more. We’ve sponsored shows at music festivals such as SXSW and have a confirmed showcase at CMJ in New York in the fall at popular venue Bowery Electric.

This is the best way to get to know Marissa. As a team, we run this blog. We’re from New York, but we live in Nashville now. We like it here. We like the music here, clearly.

Follow us on Twitter. Send us anything you like.

– L/S

Our team:

Marissa R. Moss /// Founder and Editor in Chief /// marissa.r.moss@gmail.com 

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