Happenings /// Outta My Head: A Benefit for Andrew Leahey

Catch the The Wild Feathers, Jason Isbell, Nikki Lane, Great Peacock and Derek Hoke tomorrow at Cannery while raising money for a great cause.

photoIt’s not easy being a journalist, and it’s possibly even more difficult being a musician. Our friend Andrew Leahey would know, as he does both. So when he was dealt a pretty shitty situation –  a brain tumor, and removal thereof – he handled it in the only way he knows how: using his writerly sense of humor and the kick-ass mentality of a touring artist. Luckily his surgery went well, but he can’t say the same about the costs, since even with insurance the bills mount up. And up, and up…

Which is why his friends are presenting a benefit show tomorrow, Outta My Head! A Benefit for Andrew Leahey. And since not all musicians are lucky enough to have insurance of any kind, anything raised beyond what covers Andrew’s medical costs will be donated to foundations that help this super-important cause: all silent auction proceeds are going to MusiCares and the National Brain Tumor Society. You can bid on goods from American Songwriter, Music City Roots, Bluegrass Underground, Ben Folds, The Black Keys and more. Christmas or late Hanukkah presents, anyone?

Now the music, of course, the musical lineup: The Wild Feathers, Jason Isbell, Nikki Lane, Great Peacock are Derek Hoke performing at the event, which is tomorrow night at Cannery Ballroom at 9 p.m., and tickets are $10. The whole thing is brought to you by Train Case Management, Silly Goose, High Garden Herbs & Tea, American Songwriter, United Record Pressing, Country Weekly and yours truly.

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And see you tomorrow at Cannery.

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