Nashville Five

Nashville Five /// The Wild Feathers

The Wild Feathers: One person, two alone, three together and four each other through thick and thin.

TheWildFeathers-featured-675x449It might seem a too-daunting task to start a band that comprises four distinct voices, four solo artists and four personalities and expect harmony (and harmonies). Actually, not just expect it – downright set out to create it. The Wild Feathers (Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns and Preston Wimberly) have somehow accomplished the fruitful task of making music that is everyone all at once; anyone could sing lead at anytime, pull a guitar solo or just as easily dissolve into softness, letting his bandmate shine.

The Wild Feathers make rock and roll. Not Americana, not folk. Rock music with its most indigenous ingredients: riffs, vamps, syncopated voices, catchy licks. They like the Band, the Rolling Stones, Crosby, Stills & Nash (and Young, too).

For their debut record, The Wild Feathers, the band enlisted Jay Joyce (Cage the Elephant, the Wallflowers, Emmylou Harris) as producer, writing music in Pigeon Forge and their new hometown of Nashville, spending some time attempting to resurrect the ghost of Gram Parsons in the California desert.

We grabbed a chance to hear their Nashville favorites before setting back out on the road to SXSW and beyond…

The Wild Feather’s Nashville Five :::

1. 5 best sound guys in town:
– Wes Kelly – The High Watt
– Keiffer Infantino – The Basement
– Todd Sherwood – Five Spot
– Will benninger – Mercy
– Mike Grimes – The Basement

2. Top five East Nashville roustabouts:
– Ben Cashatt
– Ourselves
– Benny and the Jeff Krantz
– C.T Stephenson
– Dean shorthand

3. Top 5 Restaurants:
– Mas tacos
– Boltons chicken
– Samurai sushi
– Silly goose
– Turnip truck

4. Or favorite bartenders would be better:
– Shorty cross – Edgefield
– Ben Clemons – 308
– Dave brown – The Basement
– Wayne – 3 Crow
– Dean “I’ll book it” Shortland

5. Top 5 Dickerson pike hookers:
– Princess Hott chicken
– Handy Travis
– Mike
– Old lady Cummberland
– Skank Williams Jr. A.K.A Hoecephus

The Wild Feathers: “The Ceiling” :::

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