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Nashville Five /// Derek Hoke

It’s Tuesday. You can a) stay home and do laundry, b) watch the New Girl while stuffing chips in your mouth, admiring Zooey Deschanel’s high-waist shorts  (shameless plug: read my feature on her She & Him bandmate M. Ward here, in between bites) or c), head over to $2 Tuesdays at The 5 Spot. We’ll go with the last choice, and advise you do, too.

Why? I’ve spoken about this night before here on the blog – most recently, when writing about $2T alums Dead Sea Empire. But it’s hard not to mention the evening without also talking about Mr. Derek Hoke, the curator and general MC of one of Nashville’s best nights for under-the-radar talent (and, sometimes, very above-radar folks, too). Hoke has an ear for this stuff, probably because he’s a musician too: follow the jump to watch a promo video of his upcoming LP Waiting All Night, which will feature a stellar cast of artists including Nikki Lane, Caitlin Rose, Jason Isbell, Chris Scruggs and many more. That’s due this summer.

In the meantime, we asked Hoke to run down his top five $2 Tuesday moments. Pretty sure you will wish you were there for all of them (unless you actually were, sitting at the bar, enjoying the whole thing alongside a $2 beer).

What will happen tonight? Show up and see. 9 p.m. $2, natch.

Derek Hoke’s top five $2 Tuesdays moments:

1. Playing with Peter Buck of R.E.M on some classic garage tunes.

2. Jason Isbell sneaking up in front of an unknowing crowd to play 2 new songs.

3. Young Hines making his Nashville debut.

4. Little Bandit doing a stellar performance of one of my songs.

5. Cory Chisel and Ade Harris bringing the entire room to a hush with their incredible songs and harmonies.

Watch the video promo for Hoke’s new LP here:

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