Nashville Five /// *repeat repeat, Halloween edition

Where to run in Nashville if the shit hits the fan, just in time for the spookiest day of the year - which, to be honest, actually feels like everyday now.

One of the greatest joys in the Nashville community is seeing one of your favorite local acts skyrocket to the national platform: it can be bittersweet, sure, but sharing is caring, and there’s nothing quite like realizing that the rest of the world is finally in on a secret you knew all along. Thus is the case with *repeat repeat (Jared and Kristyn Corder), who signed with Dangerbird Records after years of thrilling us with their delectable, smart surf-rock, to release Floral Canyon. And it’s as dreamy, delectable and dirty as we’d hoped.

We know things have been a bit quiet here at Lockeland Springsteen – we promise that will change soon – but *repeat repeat thankfully have not been. And they also haven’t broken their allegiance to their home city, returning to play the 4th Annual HOWLOWEEN at Crying Wolf with PHANGS this Saturday (October 28th). 

To mark the occasion, we asked them to get a little spooky and list the top 5 Places to go in Nashville during the Apocalypse. Halloween or not, Trump’s our president – so this day might be closer than we think.

Nashville Five /// by *repeat repeat’s top 5 Places to go in Nashville during the Apocalypse

1. Bear Island at Percy Priest Lake

If you’ve ever been to Percy Priest lake, you’ve seen the big islands all over. We recently bought a tiny aluminum boat and discovered there are actually campsites on the islands. In the event of the world ending, this would be the perfect place to keep away from the crazies. You’d also see people coming from all sides. Major advantage here.

2. Melrose Billiards Parlor

It’s dark, below street level, and you can drink and play pool. All while trying to take your mind off of the nuclear fallout or zombie invasion.  You could always raid the kitchen upstairs at The Sutler to get your stockpile in good shape.

3. Upstairs at The East Room

Back in the days of East Nashville Underground, we spent a lot of time at the East Room, even before it had officially opened to the public. The upstairs loft feels like a Swiss ski lodge.  There’s always been something cozy and sorta hidden about this venue as it is, and the upstairs not only feels familiar, but has two other padlocked rooms for apocalyptic storage (or hiding out).

4. The Standard

This may seem like a random choice, but if you’ve ever had the thrill of going upstairs to the private members-only (and guests) club/bar, you will know why this one made the list. Housed in a historic building downtown on 8th Ave, the 3rd floor feels like you’ve stepped into a past dimension with a Victorian-esque mansion and the library of James Bond. Dark wood paneling, vintage furniture, and hip classy cocktails. If stuff is going down, we would not hate being here one bit.

5. The basement of The Crying Wolf

Below the Crying Wolf is a huge space that will one day be utilized, as we’re told by co-owner and our good buddy, Dave Young. In the meantime, it’s not really in Dave’s nature to not make something cool, so he once showed us a vintage camper hang pad with a flat screen TV inside and all sorts of fun event props. It felt like an indoor version of one of those hip vintage trailer parks on Instagram but no one knows it’s down there. This is where we would we would start a new life and build a colony and learn how to make weapons out of sticks. It will also comfortably fit all 10 animals we share our life with.

Now, everyone, get in the van – we don’t have much time.


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