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Exclusive Premiere /// Corey Leiter’s Alluring ‘Leila.’

Leiter's newest single "Leila" has the weight of a Donovan groove, with the earnestness of Damien Jurado.

Its been a minute since we last heard from Corey Leiter, but certainly not for lack of activity. After some one off gigs with the inimitable Damien Jurado in Ohio, the August Blanket singer-songwriter’s been busting his ass and sharpening his chops in preparation for his second LP, Son in the Sun, set to drop August 21st.

For the uninitiated, Leiter’s Son in the Sun release date conveniently coincides with the date of the next solar eclipse. So, out of the benevolence of his own being, Leiter is kind enough to provide proper tunes to groove to whilst sporting your solar eclipse glasses.

Furthermore, Leiter has extended his eleemosynary ways by sharing the lead single “Leila,” off Son in the Sun exclusively with L/S.

From the onset of “Leila,” there’s an almost immediate sea change from the lighter and airier fare that was August Blanket to a song and tone with more consequence. “Leila” has more weight to it than anything else Leiter’s done, in the best way.

There’s a bit of a Donavan feel as the track embarks upon its sonic journey. Everything is just a little groovier than before, and in turn “Leila” sounds more earnest, holding the listener’s attention in a more brazen manner than August Blanket.

Production has certainly improved – not that it ever needed to, August Blanket had its own merits – in the sense that its more realized. But to that point, Ian Miller’s production really shines, as there’s a more nuanced layering throughout the composition.

Where Leiter’s guitar and vocals served as the proverbial standout throughout August Blanket, “Leila” itself is the standout this time around. Its rich and dynamic on all fronts, thanks in large part to Miller’s aforementioned production handiwork at The Bomb Shelter, along with the individual prowess of Luke Enyeart on lead guitar, Calvin Knowles and Zach Witcher on bass, and Ross McReynolds holding it down on the kit.

Assuming “Leila” serves as the line of demarcation for what’s to come on Son in the Sun, its safe to say that Leiter’s late 2017 and early 2018 will almost certainly feature more than a handful of one offs. He’s poised to take a massive step forward with both “Leila” and Son in the Sun, and avoid the novelty moment of interest of something like, say, a solar eclipse.

Listen to “Leila” off of Son in the Sun below:

Son in the Sun is set to release on August 21, 2017. 

The album release show will take place at The High Watt on August 20, 2017.

Feature Photo taken by Jaqueline Justice



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