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Premiere /// Listen to FEEK’s Poignant Ode to Her Mother, “Sad Eyes.”

Heidi Feek (aka "FEEK") shares her heart wrenching single "Sad Eyes," a narrative of the trials and tribulations she faced when coming to grips with the loss of her mother. The single is part of her upcoming EP, 'FEEK.'

How do we handle grief? What do we do to honor the memories of those we’ve lost? These are questions most of us choose not to examine until absolutely necessary.

And when it is absolutely necessary, its just about the last thought anyone would like to entertain. Its almost always an intimately (and excruciatingly painful) endeavor, especially in terms of loss.

That being said, something beautiful can come from such a sobering scenario, if approached properly.

Point and case being (Heidi) FEEK’s newest single “Sad Eyes.” The track was written as a means for coming to grips with the loss of FEEK’s mother, Joey.

“After my mother passed away, it became difficult to have a single moment during the day when I wasn’t forced to confront it. I found myself having emotional breakdowns in front of well-intentioned strangers who were just wanting to know how I was doing.”

The track offers up a mature, at times dazed (in a good way, musically speaking) manner of compromise with the loss of her mother. Produced (and written) by Dillon Hodges (firekid) with additional writing help coming from Chris Weningear, there’s a distinctly nostalgic feel to all facets of the track.

At the same time, Hodges new wave production and FEEK’s unique timbre create a sort of tonal juxtaposition on the track.

Not only does FEEK’s voice recall the lounge singers of yesteryear – Billie Holliday, Nancy Sinatra – but the far off synth strings and echoing melodies sound reminiscent of softer, more winsome versions of current dark wave artists like FKA Twigs and Abra.

When you add FEEK’s forthright lyrics with regard to dealing with the loss of her mother and the unsolicited (but wholly appreciated) condolences from strangers, you find yourself at the forefront of one of the year’s most heart wrenching songs.

Emotional context or not, the song itself is about as beguiling a tune anyone could hope for and is a sign of phenomenal things to come on FEEK’s forthcoming EP, FEEK. 

“Sad Eyes” will be included as a part of the Muletown and Friends Vol. 1 compilation set to be released via Mule Town Recorded Music in Columbia, TN on April 1st.


Photo credit – Andrew White


  1. Velvety, ethereal, reminds me of Feist, Bjork, Kate Bush, so many others that come long before your time. Gorgeous, Heidi. I absolutely promise that if I ever see you out in public, especially at a coffee shop I will NOT ask you how you are doing. My father died. I can really relate. I’d rather people just give me space. The constant reminders of his absence jolt me in a way that is cattle-prod like and unwelcome. I’m fine. Yup. I’m fine.

  2. Heidi, you are beautiful, your voice is beautiful.
    Your mother Joey was wonderful because as I
    saw the love in her eyes for your dad and you and your sisters
    I loved her even more! God bless you and your family…
    Let us always see you singing and writing songs! Kiss Indy for me!

  3. OMG HOW BEAUTIFUL .. how Sad… but HEIDI… YOUR VOICE is one incredible beautiful instrument. So love love love that.

  4. Wow. It is amazing to me this song can speak about so many wavering and mixed emotions in such a really beautifully honest and unique way.
    I had tears in my eyes listening to it and that rarely happens with me.

    It is said the biggest honor you can pay somebody you lost, is in how you lead your life afterwards. I think you are doing that (for what a stranger’s thoughts are worth) on many levels, but this song is a prime example of just that. You should feel enormously proud of this Heidi.

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