Photo Diary

Photo Diary /// Olivia Jean’s Devils Night at Third Man

We sent our new photographer Mick Leonardi to check out her exclusive record release performance at Third Man's highly anticipated Devil's Night party last Thursday. Here's what he saw.

“Look at the mess in the pretty dress,”– what sounds like a backhanded compliment from a bitchy partygoer are actually lyrics of Olivia Jean‘s “Reminisce” from debut solo LP Bathtub Love Killings. However, the mysterious raven-haired beauty is hardly a disheveled piece of chaos–I have yet to see her with undone hair or less than perfect winged liner. The Detroit darling got her break after getting her surf rock demo in the hands of Jack White at a secret Dead Weather show in her hometown. These days known around Third Man Records (and soon everywhere) as “the girl who can play anything,” Olivia certainly earned her title over the years backing the likes of Wanda Jackson, Karen Elson and of course, Jack White, using her vocals and just about any instrument she could get her hands on. Many fans will also remember her as the front woman of beloved goth girl group The Black Belles, and are in for quite a treat with her first solo album whose title [Bathtub Love Killings] comes from an 1800’s serial killer who drowned victims in tubs. Olivia has admitted she struggles with writing “happier” tunes, but with this album the doom and gloom comes pleasantly wrapped in mod-pop hooks and pinkish-lavender vinyl.

We sent our new team member Mick Leonardi to check out her exclusive record release performance at Third Man’s highly anticipated Devil’s Night party last Thursday. Here’s what he saw.

– Kimberly B.

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