Nashville Five

Nashville Five /// Top Jonny Cordawgisms, plus Shovels & Rope, Andrew Combs tonight

In honor of his homecoming show tonight at Mercy with Shovels & Rope and Andrew Combs, we sifted through the songs of Jonny Corndawg‘s record Down on the Bikini Line and selected some favorite Corndawgisms.

It’s a great night of music – the Dawg, of course, but show up early enough to catch both local country-folk troubadour Combs (playing with a full band) and Charleston duo Shovels & Rope (follow the jump to watch a video of their song “Gasoline”). Set times, according to Corndawg’s Twitter, will be Combs @8:45 //Shovels & Rope @ 9:30 //Corndawg @ 10:45. $10.

1. From When A Ford Man Turns to Chevy: Heaven’s hands are gonna’ lift you up / when you’re flying down the road in your pickup truck / the good Lord’s one and only chariot.

2.  From Silver Panty Liners: Them silver pantie liners / they set my mind to wonder / what incredible roaring thunder / is brewing on the other side?

3. From Shaved (Like A Razor): She shaved like a razor / but it’s done with a lazier / and it’s down on the bikini line / I tried to cross the border / but I got pulled over / by the forest marshal / on the forest line.

4. From Night Rider: So fill your stomach with garbage / and sit down for days on end / drinking gallons of coffee / and wishing that you only had a friend.

5. From Life of a Bear: Big bear on the forest park / looking for a tourist he can tear apart / and bring back home to his family and friends.

Shovels & Rope, “Gasoline.”

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