Happenings /// Hayes Carll, Jason Isbell and Darrell Scott played a round

“Ray Bradbury never lived on mars either,” said Darrell Scott, as he introduced his song “Hopskinsville” last night at 3rd and Lindsley’s Tin Pan session. He’s never lived in that particular Kentucky town, but songwriters can take those kind of liberties.

Scott, a storied writer and artist in his own right, was joined by Hayes Carll and Jason Isbell as the three traded songs, road tales and mouthed the words to each others tunes quietly as they played. Highlights? Scott’s “Long Time Gone,” made famous by the Dixie Chicks, Carll’s “KMAG YOYO” and Isbell’s “Alabama Pines” (two of which you can watch wee clips of after the jump). Also excellent, while unseasonable, was Carll’s “Grateful for Christmas,” which, slowed and sat down, truly showcases his knack for lyrical storytelling that’s both funny and absolutely heartbreaking all at once.

Video after the jump.

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