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L/S met up with newcomer Emma Hern after her Pilgrimage 2016 set, and talked her about how she's been settling into Nashville's local scene. She's playing the Basement East on 10/4.

What’s that statistic that has everyone in town shaking in their boots? Something along the lines of 180 people moving to Nashville every day? Or is it 80? Or is it every week? Emma Hern 2 - Pilgrimage.jpgWhatever the stat is, the key tenant of such a fact is that there’s a hell of a lot of people coming into Nashville every day, and a lot of those people are coming to ingratiate themselves into the music scene (because of that whole “Music City” thing). But with the influx of new talent coming through, that means a lot folks to familiarize oneself with – so where would one start?

The most apparent answer (if you happened to read this feature’s title) would be none other than Ms. Emma Hern, one of those new “locals” by way of Boston fresh off of her first ever Pilgrimage Festival set. She’s been in Nashville for all of about a year now – and if her Pilgrimage slot didn’t make things obvious enough – Emma has wasted no time ingratiating herself into the local music scene in the span of the past year.

“I think that we’ve gotten really lucky. I knew that by the time I moved down here, I knew more people in Nashville than I did in Boston at that point… I mean it was so cool to be able to move down here and start playing and jump in on bills with my friends and from there we met more people. I mean, because the industry can be like really shitty, but everyone has been so nice and so supportive, and I know that that’s not always the case, so its been so great.” Emma cut her teeth up in Boston’s local scene while she attended Berklee College of Music, where she ended up meeting her ultra-talented backing band, “We literally all lived across the hall and have been best friends for four years and half the guys moved here like two years ago and kind of started while I was finishing up.”

Having made the move to Nashville and managing to dive head first into the music scene, Emma and her crew are already working on demoing tracks and cementing their sound as a group, as opposed to trying to set up co-writes and do the whole songwriting/co-writing approach, but if Emma’s decision to go all in on her headline gig versus penning tracks for others seems like it suggests lack of talent, think again. Emma and her crew have managed to secure recording time at some of Nashville’s premier rooms, “We’ve been doing a lot of recording. Its been all demos right now, but we’ve been really lucky to kind of go back and forth from Sound Emporium to
and just get everything kind of ready. We really want to do a kind of full-length album.”

So in the coming days, weeks, months, and years, you’re bound to see more and more of Emma Hern and her crew of Berklee players, as they’ve only just begin their journey in Music City, but are well on their way with their indomitable approach to the Nashville scene. Nashville is definitely different than Boston, but it seems like our fair city’s environment is more conducive to Emma’s ideal musical setting. “Boston has a very interesting live music scene, especially if you’re in a band or do music while you’re in school, because they’re like “Its Tuesday,” so its just so great and refreshing after being up there to move down here where everybody goes out every night and don’t sleep just to go hear music. But I’ve loved, it, I really do. I’ve had a blast.”

Emma Hern is playing Whiskey Jam at Basement East tonight. Doors/Show at 7. FREE


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