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AS singer-songwriter Caroline Spence proves, a mid-twenties' budget is nowhere near indicative of a mid-twenties' mindset - and here's the Nashville Five to prove it.

Existing as a twenty-something means learning to find beauty in the broken: we’ve got broken machines, broken relationships, broken career paths, and most of the time, our wallets are too broken to repair any of the preceding issues with a conventional monetary fix. But something that many people over look about the current millennial-twenties is our ability to circumvent these issues. Though we’ve chosen a “many lives” mentality, switching from one job to the next in a long and cobwebbed search to arrive at what we deem our inevitable dharma, financial prosperity is the sacrifice we make to pursue these goals. As a whole, the current day’s twenty-something hosts a slew of remarkable qualities and adjustments made to accommodate the inherent brokeness; we care about supporting our local communities, valuing each other’s artwork and trades, and have, on the whole, a deep propensity for all things sustainable and environmentally conscious.1275028_746321692111165_3030369968566918040_o

And, as singer-songwriter Caroline Spence proves, a mid-twenties’ budget is nowhere near indicative of a mid-twenties’ mindset. The Virginia native’s music exposes lessons learned from someone with pronounced wisdom and maturity, spinning tales of lost time and turbulent love that seem to expand past her twenty-five years. With a soprano that is as sweet as it is vulnerable, and a sensitive approach to her masterful guitar lines, Spence invites us into a story-telling space that we wouldn’t typically expect from someone with such a fresh and untethered appearance. Certain people are born at the wrong age, maybe even at the wrong time. And though working as an artist might not ameliorate the brokenness, truthful storytellers find ways to learn the more important lessons at a faster rate, so they might go on to live their later decades more fully. Spence is certainly one of these artists, who spins the secrets she has gathered into timeless and irreverent stories.

Below, read Caroline Spence’s five ways to treat yourself in Nashville on a mid-twenties budget.

Her album, Somehow, is set for release on March 3rd.

By Caroline Spence

1. Nature – It’s always free! My new favorite place is the Richland Creek Greenway. It’s a little under 4 miles, great for 5K training or (more likely) listening to an episode of This American Life while walking at a reasonable pace (treat yo self and get that app). I also love the classics, Radnor Lake and Warner Parks.

2. Eight & Roast // Headquarters: In my opinion, these folks have the absolute best cup of coffee in town. Just their drip coffee is so bold, rich, and flavorful there is no need to get anything more expensive. If you are feeling extra fly, go ahead, get that Cherry Cornmeal Scone. You deserve it. Plus you just did a hike in Warner Parks so treat yo self.
3. The Stone Fox – $5 Burger Night might be the best and most delicious deal in town. Also on Monday’s they have 2-for-1 drafts and Bingo. Plus, Country Sundays with Chris Scruggs is always free and always awesome.
4. Brentwood Goodwill – Rich ladies live in Brentwood and when their clothes go out of season they donate them and then I buy them. I found a Free People dress for $10 and I felt like the Queen of Sheeba.
5. The Sutler – I had the most delicious cocktail at The Sutler and tequila will never be the same. This one is for those actual “treat yo self” moments, when you can spare a few extra bucks to feel fancy. I’ll saving my laundry quarters to be able to afford another “Amarillo By Morning.” It’s a margarita with a little spice and I love it.
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