Happenings /// Daniel Ellsworth And The Great Lakes Release New Single “Phantoms”

Kid Tiger is the clever conductor to my cruise control.

10525830_10152744753751833_4973520511955777173_nI spend a good percentage of my day in the left lane of the south’s most popular interstates. Meet me, and it might seem ill-fitting to my security-conscious personality that I opt to drive 90 mph, whizzing past a slew of Tennessee licenses with my wobbling, overdue New York State one, hanging onto my car’s fifteen-year old frame by two rusty nails. But like my neurotic mother, my shadow self is most alive in the rage of a speeding car.

This is why  Daniel Ellsworth And The Great Lakes’ recent album release, Kid Tiger, is the most played album in my car’s one-disc rotation. The internal structure of the group’s tracks are meticulously crafted, with intricately layered synthesis and astute rhythms that appeal to a super-pop sound. But once each note falls into its rightful place, the songs align in an almost magically organic fashion, with falsettos cruising above the undercurrents of a perfect pop sensibility. After all the merges and lane changes, Daniel Ellsworth orchestrates a fast and clean ride down 65; Kid Tiger is the clever conductor to my cruise control.

Recently, the band released the album’s second single and fan favorite, “Phantoms.” As sparkling and celestial as “Sun Goes Out,” the first song to find itself on heavy radio rotation and commercial esteem, “Phantoms” features the synth-pop group at its rhythmic best. It is simultaneously charismatic, intricate, and extremely listenable. Nashville’s own Kyle Andrews picked up on the effervescent structure of “Phantoms,” creating a remix of the song that was released in juxtaposition with the groups single. “It was a no-brainer for us to ask Kyle to do a ‘Phantoms’ remix,” says Ellsworth. I wanted to see what his take on the song would be. I expected it to be good, but I was blown away.”

Having recently performed at Nashville’s own Live On The Green, Daniel Ellsworth And The Great Lakes is now on tour in support of Kid Tiger.

Check out the official music video for “Phantoms” here.

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