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There is a certain brand of southern-indie rock bands that offer a sound that is as catchy and sensible as it is distinctly their own. The Whigs are one of them.

Unknown There is a certain brand of southern-indie rock bands that prod through obscurity through sheer power and enthusiasm, offering a sound that is as catchy and sensible as it is distinctly their own. Athens, Georgia natives The Whigs are at the forefront of this southern-rock success; consistent in their instrumental proficiency and creation of listenable pop-structures steeped in gritty rock melodies, The Whigs have been recognized worldwide for their weathered and grooving songs.

Their last studio album, Enjoy The Company, pronounces the confidence and chemistry of a band that understands the implicit ways in which their strengths and personalities stitch together. The ten-track collection begins with “Staying Alive,” an eight-minute long introduction to a sun-drenched, on-the-road musical journey, whose panoramic drive taps on the windows of life’s transience and the celebration of rock n’ roll.  “Thank You” is the softest moment of the album, a simple vow of love that shines through imagery of snakebites; the track yields easily into “Rock n’ Roll Forever,” a raw and powerful three-chord anthem that boasts the band’s love for roaring rock. There is a security to the collection, a subtle assurance that runs through previous collections and has most recently culminated into a sound that is both light and listenable in its cohesiveness.

Having stayed true to their roots and the booming, honest sounds that make the band so prevalent in today’s southern-rock scene, The Whigs are set to release their next studio album, Modern Creation, this April. Lead singer Parker Gispert says of this next album, “I think our sound has evolved into a more primal, rawer version of ourselves.  It’s a cool and not too common evolution.  I like where we are headed.“ After over a decade of playing music together, the band’s ability to strip down their tracks to a barer, more primitive level attest to the perseverance of group chemistry that they’ve learned among themselves, marked by the cumulative maturity in their studio work. Once Modern Creation is released, I’ll be most excited performing the new songs at shows,” Gispert tells us.  “The new songs jell well with our previous albums. It’s gonna be a fun mix.  Can’t wait for April.”

The Whigs return to Nashville this Saturday, February 1, at Exit/In.

Watch their official video for “Staying Alive” here.

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