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Jacob Jones likes the 5 Spot. But you knew that already.You might recognize this face from behind the DJ stand on Monday nights at the 5 Spot, where he spins old time rock records and we all dance despite our level of drunkenness and/or ability during the Keep on Movin’! dance party.

Now Jacob Jones has a new record coming out, called Good Timin’ in Waynetown (out on the 29th via Electric Western). The single, “Play it Loud, Ray!” features guest vocals from Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes, and the “songs, heavily influenced by the ’50s and ’60s records Jones spins on Monday nights, are soulful, hip-twisting rock ‘n’ roll numbers, embellished by Jones’ smooth tone and the occasional twangy lead or full horn section” (I stole that quote from my story on Jones in this week’s Nashville Scene – cheap, I know).

Good Timin’ in Waynetown is all about letting loose and having fun – so, appropriately, we asked Jones to give us his 5 Nights Out In Nashville. Check him out yourself on Tuesday (the 29th) at the 5 Spot, where he’ll host $2 Tuesday and play a full set. Just don’t get too drunk at Monday night’s dance party so you have a little steam left.

Jacob Jones‘ 5 Nights Out in Nashville :::

 Monday: KEEP ON MOVIN! – The Monday Night Dance Party at The 5 Spot ::: Ok, Let’s get this out of the way.  I am clearly biased because this is actually my party.  However, this is not a shameless self plug.  I have been running this thing for going on 5 years and every week I find myself still looking forward to it.  It’s the only place I know of anyone can go to every week and dance their brains out to music mostly created 50 to 60 years ago.  If you’re single you probably won’t be at the end of the night.  Half a dozen people have gotten married after meeting on the dance floor and that is awesome. Plain and simple.  If you want to grab a cheap beer, work it out to Little Richard jams, and meet some folks….. this is the best way I know to start your week in Nashville.

Tuesday: $2 Tuesday at The 5 Spot ::: Yes, this is in the same place as my Monday suggestion, but it can’t be left out.  You might be able to find the most gun slingin’ picker down on Broadway, but Nashville’s real original music scene is off the main drag.  Every week Derek Hoke hosts and performs along with 4 or 5 other acts you may or may not know before you show up but I bet you make a point to see them again after.  The whole night (most nights at The 5 Spot) feels like a party your buddy is having in his basement.  Super laid back, pretty drunk, and…. oh wait, some of the best songwriters in town just happen to be in the corner.  Some are performing that night and some are just watching, but they are all there.

 Wednesday: Honky Tonkin’ on Broadway ::: Every local knows the best time to get your honky tonk fix is NOT on Friday or Saturday when Broadway turns into a river of drunk tourist zombies slipping and falling on one another trying to find John Rich. The band’s at the right spots are pretty much always good, but the scene can ruin it. It’s fucking terrible.  But if you get down mid week or even Sunday, it’s pretty killer.  The bands at Layla’s, Robert’s, or The Wheel can all tear up your boots and make you forget what time it is.  If you catch Heath Haynes you are about to have fun.

 Thursday: The all night happy hour at Holland House ::: Holland House is up there with one of the best places to get a cocktail in town, and it just happens to be right in East Nashville.  If you don’t usually shell out the dough for fancy pants mixologist drinks, you’re in luck.  They keep it cheap all night long on Thursdays and stay open late. Head bar honcho Jeremiah Blake has never let me down.

Sunday: Family style dinner at City House ::: Ok, you’ve skipped Friday and Saturday, because thats the right thing to do.  That’s when you drink indoors.  My favorite thing on Sundays is easily going down to City House for their family style menu.  This is the only night they do this, and I have literally never had anything that didn’t leave an impression.  Simply, it is the best restaurant in town.  Grab a bourbon.  Eat too much pork.  You feel real classy right now right?  If you still aren’t satisfied I suggest going to Bar 308 for Whiskey Disco and blacking out.

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