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Nashville Five /// Anderson East

Though Anderson East is originally from a small town in Alabama, he’s made himself at home here in Nashville – though his sound, which melds blues, soul and folk, might be intrinsically more Detroit, Clarksdale or Memphis than country twang. Now he’s out with a new double record, Flowers of the Broken Hearted, and a recording studio out of his home called Farmland. He recently taped an attic session for the folks at War Memorial (part one and two), and you can also watch the video for the record‘s title track after the jump. There is dancing involved.

Now, as part of our recent focus on Nashville Five’s by musicians for musicians, we had East list his top five things that make recording a joy.

Anderson East’s Nashville Five on Things That Make Recording a Joy :::

1. Farmland Studio – I’m extremely biased because it’s a studio I run along with Scotty & Jon Murray and Evan Hutching. It’s a really special space on the south side of town. We’ve modified an old pastors home into a southern Motown. Or at least we like to think of it that way. Everyone involved are incredible players and even better people. We’ve got a nice collection of gear and a lot pretty unique instruments lying around. It’a a very inspiring place to be.

2. Vintech Preamps – They sound real nice. And they are cheaper than old Neve’s and they sound just as good. We have a bunch of them in various forms. They have stepped gain stages so you can really knock the piss out of the transformer and get some stank on whatever your putting through them. Very transparent but can get as colored as you’d want (within reason.)

2. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts – Chocolate with sprinkles. The greatest thing known to man. There is something to be said for a good doughnut early in the morning (11am). They make me happy and make me feel like the world is on my side from the get go.

4. Ribbon MicsWe use them on everything. Royer, AEA, Cascade, Audio Technia. They are all fantastic in their own rights. They typically have this slight roll of at the top end that calms things out. They can take eq like a champ. But the body is so rich. They’re like old bottles of wine. Good hints of all the right flavors and a great ability to capture a sense of space.

5. Mood lighting – This may be last, but it very well may be the most important. You got to feel comfortable. Like you’re at home. With the right mood around you, you can let go of the fact that there is a microphone in front of you and you’re then able to just have fun making music with your friends. That’s all we’re after, it’s having a great time and making some great music with people you love and enjoy being around. After that who cares…

Watch the video for “Flowers of the Broken Hearted” :::

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