Happenings /// The Lockeland Springsteen Guide to Record Store Day

Look, this is Nashville: we all buy records all the time. We’re treated to amazing performances constantly. Yet that still doesn’t stop Record Store Day from being one of my favorite of the year, a day we get to spend all of our grocery money on music and not feel guilty (not that we ever do). Here’s a rundown of where to go and what to buy, whatever side of town you find yourself on. And where to find motherfuckin’ Bob Seger.


On the west side of town, Grimey‘s is gearing up for a massive celebration: playing live will be Raging Fire, Sun Seeker, Idle Bloom, The Gripsweats, The Bad Signs, Cory Branan and Paul Burch, with our esteemed Mayor Megan Barry spinning records. And though it’s supposed to storm tomorrow, this event is rain or shine – bands will play inside the Basement if it rains, and it’s all ages, so don’t worry about getting your five-year-old a fake ID.

As for what to buy, here’s the full rundown, but I’ll be looking for Big Star‘s Complete Third: Vol 3: Final Masters, David Bowie‘s Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles ’74), Johnny Cash‘s Children’s Album (I got kids, guys), Brandy Clark‘s Live From Los Angeles, Jason Isbell‘s Welcome to 1979, Stevie Nicks Rarities, The Notorious B.IG Born Again, Pink Floyd‘s Interstellar Overdrive , Townes Van Zandt‘s Live at Austin City Limits, The War on Drugs Thinking of A Place and a shitload of Prince. You can rummage for those at the Groove and Fond Object, too.  – Marissa 

Third Man 

It was three years ago today that Jack White made the World’s Fastest Record, and this year’s RSD will live up to that vinyl legacy with some amazing music. Lilly Hiatt, Steelism and Adia Victoria will all be playing the Blue Room, with Matchless coffee shilling my favorite coffee soda outside. I’ll absolutely be trying to grab a copy of  The Blue Series: The Story Behind the Color, Volume I, Special Edition, Bob Seger‘s 2+2=? (Jack White found Bob Seger!), plus the limited edition yellow version of Lillie Mae’s 7” single “Over the Hill and Through the Woods” featuring exclusive, non-album B-side “The Last Time” and Jack White’s “Battle Cry” 7″. – Marissa 

The Groove

Record Store Day at The Groove is about to be a rowdy bash, made my possible by some of our (my) favorites. I recommend showing up early enough to cruise the 15% store-wide sale and pick up those wish-list vinyl and dig through the bargain crates, but you’ll definitely want to be there when the music 0f554e8b-325c-4209-81b0-d39f05cb0e40-031a842e-6bd1-4cae-a75e-52994f75ad1dkicks off at noon. The Whistle and The Bells, the pop-rock project by Bryan Simpson, is starting the day out right, slinging songs from his anticipated sophomore album, Modern Plagues. Lawndry, sonic painters of psychedelia, will play afterwards, and Idle Bloom will take the stage around 1:40pm to fuzz things out. (And if you don’t already own Little Deaths, their 2017 release, be sure to pick up a copy while you’re there.) The Mumzees and their garage rock montage will follow, with Okey Dokey delivering psych sounds from their debut album Love You, Mean It (another must-get) at 3:20pm. Announced just yesterday as the special guest, The Weeks will serve up their new album, Easy, around 4:10pm before making their way over to Cannery Ballroom for a soon-to-be sold-out show that night. The day rounds out with sets from Skyway Man and Robyn Hitchcock, whose self-titled album is available today, and All Them Witches own the stage around 6:40pm. And doesn’t it feel good to have them back in town for a minute?

Good Brewing People and Blue Chair Bay Rum will be around to keep you hydrated, and Mas Tacos and The Gambling Stick food trucks will be hanging out to provide sustenance. And luckily, if you end up heading over to different stores on this festive day, Acme Radio Live will be streaming the festivities all day, so you won’t have to miss a second of it. – Katie A. 

Fond Object 

In case you haven’t kept track, Fond Object has had some big comings and goings in the past few months. First and foremost, they’ve added a second location to accompany their longstanding McGavock Pike location in Riverside Village. The new spot is on 535 4th Avenue South and going to serve as the second location to Fond Object’s RSD 2017 blowout extravaganza (or something to that effect). Both spots are going to be popping off with everything booze from Little Harpeth, Yazoo, and Cathead Vodka, bites from City Winery and Gracie’s Taco Shop, as well as a bunch of local vendors.

All that is well and good, but what you should really concern yourself with (outside of RSD exclusives and what not) are the musical lineups. There are bands on bands on bands playing both of the Fond Object spots – 20 to be exact – and its going to be one hell of a show whichever location you decide to hit up.

So there in lies the catch-22 of Fond Object – which lineup do you choose to attend? Or do you hop in between McGavock and 4th Ave? Its up to you, but just know that you’re having to decide between Skyway Man vs. Alanna Royale, Ian Ferguson vs. Teddy and the Rough Riders, OJR vs. That’s My Kid, and plenty of other tough spots. Wherever you go, you can’t lose. – Sean 


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