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Photo Diary /// Resistance as Seen by Joshua Black Wilkins

Photographer and musician Joshua Black Wilkins showed up at Donald Trump's Nashville rally. And here's what he saw.

Last week, Donald Trump came to Nashville. He wasn’t welcome – by us or anyone else who protested in mind or body. Joshua Black Wilkins – a musician as well as a photographer – was there with his camera, and shared with us some of what he captured. We’ve described his music like this:  Joshua Black Wilkins does not provide a soundtrack for the lighthearted, for carefree summer days spent idling away on bar terraces and flippant love. But for the changing season, subtle chills and the seriousness of early sundowns, Wilkins holds, over a decade of making music, a tight and formidable reign. Likewise, his photographs – one of which you can see on the cover of Michelle Branch‘s new record – paint a complex and important portrait of our humanity.

Click through the set below.

It was a cold sunny day. Since I had missed the Women’s march due to a travel job in January, I had wanted to document Nashville’s efforts to stand up to the current political situation. I went with one camera, one lens and wore all black. I didn’t engage in any banter with the crowds and focused on taking photographs of the different citizens and signs that also braved the chilly temperatures to voice their concerns and anger.  – Joshua Black Wilkins


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