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Exclusive /// LUTHI’s ‘Electric Muse’ Finds Nashville’s Miami Vice

Get ready to groove, because LUTHI has a new single. "Electric Muse" bumps and grinds and grooves all the time.

There are few things that get me more excited than new sounds coming out from the depths of Nashville. Sure, we’ve all got our affinity for outlaw country, bluegrass, and every other derivation of mountain music, but sometimes I need something that grooves me to the point of bump and grind rather than dancing on a line.

Lo and behold, LUTHI has entered the scene, with their woozy new tune “Electric Muse.” You want to talk about bump and grind slow jams? “Electric Muse” will get you all shook up before you even know it. Imagine if Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards ditched Chic and got together with LUTHI instead; you’d wind up with “Electric Muse.”

But rather than read up on my extended opining on the song, let’s get LUTHI’s take: This is our first collaboration with Gavin Shea and Chris Gill Over at Handmade Productions in Nashville.  “Electric Muse” started to carry a heavy “Miami Vice” feel, so we chased it.  The balance between making people dance and making people listen is something we’re always striving for and this tune hits that spot for us.

Recorded at Handmade Productions, “Electric Muse” makes an apparent mix of LUTHI’s wide range of influences from Curtis Mayfield (the groove) to James Murphy (the emotion) and makes it all their own. In the end, if the spectral gaze lyricism and space age funk pulses don’t move something within you to – at the very least – bob your head, then seeking medical attention may be within your best interest.

“Electric Muse” is the follow up single to LUTHI’s most recent EP, Home Again, and precedes the band’s upcoming LP, which is currently in production and slated for a late 2017 release. But that’s neither here nor there, because if you’ve made it thus far in the write up, I only have one more question to ask – why aren’t you dancing?

LUTHI has provided one of Nashville’s finest grooves, and its safe to assume they won’t be stopping any time soon. They’re playing the OG Basement on February 24 for “LUTHI Dance Party ft. ScottyShy.”



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