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Exclusive /// Solar Twin Premieres “Slow Motion” Video

Solar Twin, Shane Tutmarc's new pop empowered project, premieres the video for his first single "Slow Motion."

Solar TwinThere’s no escaping where you’re from, but there is something momentarily liberating about going somewhere new. It comes with the opportunity to explore and invent, to wander freely into new landscapes and to shed a skin worn out by familiarity and sameness. Shane Tutmarc, a master of sonic shapeshifting, has shown us his formations in various musical ways, showcasing his bluesy country and songwriter sentiment and then curving lines and constructs to deliver personalized covers of Lana Del Rey, Rilo Kiley and Nirvana. He sculpts his music according to mood and marrow, letting the song lead the production of the final product, and as of late, his songs have lured him out of his roots music residence into a pop wonderland. And with his liberty and in this new audible space, you can now call him Solar Twin. “After a decade following my roots to their source, I discovered a wellspring of melodic ideas, rhythms, and production ideas waiting there for me,” comments Shane on the freshly conceived persona. “Last year’s single-a-month series was really all over the place, as Solar Twin vibes were starting to rear their head…But I’ve been feeling this shift coming since I did my covers series in 2013, performing almost everything with midi.  Since then, I have been making more and more home demos that way, [and] as I embraced that direction more, it became clear that this was a new project, another side of myself completely.”

“Slow Motion,” the first single from the newly revealed Solar Twin that premiered on Shane’s birthday (a very fitting debut, if you ask us), is a synth pop excursion that is thankfully accompanied by his known melodic dialect, seemingly effortless voice and song sensitivity. It’s a track that conjures dark rooms, neon lights and midnight vibes, all bonded together by autotune and synthesizer mystique. To enhance the experience, we’re pleased to premiere the video for this first single, which also happens to be a Shane Tutmarc creation. “I’m always collecting interesting videos, and [this is] all found footage I came across…from a thrift store VHS tape,” he explains. “I really liked the energy and colors in the footage, and, once I edited it to the song, it felt like a great way to pair the song with a visual that doesn’t try to tell the audience how to interpret the song.” Fusing 80s geometrics with flashing images, the “Slow Motion” video is a mood-making collision of elements that is what this first song from Solar Twin is all about.

Get out of your known and worn-in ways with this Lockeland Springsteen video premiere, and be on the lookout for more music from Solar Twin.



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