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Happenings /// Live On the Green 2016 – Week 2 -JR JR, Passenger, Jenny Lewis

Week Two of Live on the Green 2016 saw some soul stirring stuff from JR JR, Passenger, and Jenny Lewis.

Where week one of Live on the Green saw the evening’s acts ease into a soulful sense of cultural conversation and groove-y moves, week two’s lineup felt decidedly more mellow – as indicated by JR JR, who highlighted the “mellow vibes out on the lawn,” and modified their set accordingly. Passenger beguiled and stirred souls, captivating the near 10,000+ crowd despite being the only performer on the stage for his set, and Jenny Lewis stole hearts and heightened spirits, making appeals to the crowd by bringing out hometown heroes like The Watson Twins, Jessie Baylin, Tristen, Megan McCormick to perform alongside her. All in all, each week has the promise to improve upon the last, but week two’s evening of free music on the courthouse lawn will certainly be tough to beat.

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