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L/S talked to Greta Kline (aka Frankie Cosmos) about her newest record, 'Next Thing,' and her upcoming Nashville stop at The End on 8/1.

Frankie Cosmos 2.jpgGreta Kline aka “Frankie Cosmos’” media narrative has been one painted by stories of her musical wunderkind status and absolute indie adulation (both of which are more than substantiated), but despite such notions having been highlighted with such repetition, the 22-year old Kline/Cosmos manages to maintain a humble and realist perspective as she tours in support of her most recent release, Next Thing, out via Bayonet RecordsI feel like no one’s media narrative is ever in their control…so I wouldn’t try to write a song to affect my image because I know that I can’t, and it’s just not the reason I write. Though, it’s possible that the feelings I have about age surfaced from having my age being so publicly discussed when people first started paying attention to my music…I don’t know!”

Kline’s willowing warbles and flittering lyrical yawns might suggest an aspect of passivity to the casual listener, but that’s hardly the case – her music seems (and is) deliberate in nature, opining her innermost feelings that would otherwise be saved for bedroom whispers or a Frank O’Hara poem – “I think reading his work made me really excited about writing a lot about really small simple things.” Her gentle but driven melodies manage to have a presence of innocence and experience, without muddling the identity of Frankie Cosmos.

There’s conviction in Kline’s songwriting, especially on Next Thing – both is craft and formNext Thing Frankie Cosmos – having become revered for her ability to craft swift moving tracks that maintain her stance – “I just write songs as long as I feel they need to get my point across.” – with refreshing immediacy. Despite the apparent brevity in her songs, there’s an obvious sense of growth as far as Kline’s ability to channel disenchantment and anger in her songs – “I think as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more in touch with expressing my anger. And turning sadness into anger.” All in all, its evident Next Thing has been an altogether progressive leap forward – “My approach is constantly changing! I’ve never stuck to a uniform process and I feel like that’s what keeps it fun for me” – in Kline’s understanding of herself and of Frankie Cosmos (it also helps that her musical chops are top of the line, too).

Kline and the Frankie Cosmos crew have taken their finely tuned pop-punk sensibilities on the road, and are rolling through Nashville on Monday, August 1st, at The End. Kline previewed the show herself, saying “We’re gonna play some older songs, some stuff from Next Thing, and maybe some new stuff we’ve been working on! We’re playing as a 4-piece band with keyboard this time (last time we played Nashville it was as a 3-piece). And we’re on tour with a great band called Warehouse. Also for the show at The End we’ve got an awesome Nashville band called Study Hall on the bill! I’m pumped for the show.” Doors at 7, show at 8. $13 DOS.







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