Exclusive /// Bill Eberle Premiere

Eberle shares "Same Old Town" with L/S, a narrative tale of his perpetual connection to his hometown of Pittsburg.

Bill Eberle - Hi Res 1Meet Bill Eberle, the product of tough Pittsburg mettle (see what I did there?), and a voice somewhere between Tallest Man on Earth and Ben Howard (if TMOE and Howard were made out of more resilient stock). Eberle has been on the precipice for a while now, having spent time in Brooklyn honing his Americana sound and sensibilities, Eberle decided to load up and head south of the Mason Dixon to set up shop in Nashville.

Since first moving to Nashville, Eberle has cut his teeth on the songwriting circuit as an alternative to the historically country sound, making it a point to write a record that both pays homage and advances folk tradition in music, which culminated into Eberle’s upcoming full-length release, Matter & Time. Eberle shares “Same Old Town,” a song that Eberle describes as his “most auto-biographical” and “the song that seems to resonate most deeply with folk.” Its a narrative tale of perpetual connection to his hometown of Pittsburg, which Eberle prefaces with:

“I’m often struck when I return home by how much things seem to stay the same in the neighborhood I grow up in. But I look at the people on the streets there, or that I talk to at the gas station or the grocery store, and [I] feel a sense of connection and understanding that I don’t feel anywhere else. I am of that place, and it made me who I am.”

Unlike the rest of Matter & Time – which was produced by Dave Coleman (The Coal Men) and recorded with a backing band comprised of members of El El – “Same Old Town” is a bare bones approach propelled by Eberle’s deft finger picking and sweet reminiscing narrative, which is only heightened by the evocative timbre of Eberle’s voice.

Matter & Time will be released in full July 8th, and Eberle will be playing an album release show at the Family Wash on July 13th.

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