Nashville Five /// Dylan LeBlanc – Bonnaroo 2016 edition

Dylan LeBlanc may not be a Nashville native, but the Louisianan-by-way-of-Muscle Shoals claims the city as his own -- so it's fitting to have him kick off Lockeland Springsteen's run of "Nashville Fives" from artists playing Bonnaroo 2016. Dig in.

Dylan LeBlanc

Dylan LeBlanc may not be a Nashville native, but the Louisianan-by-way-of-Muscle Shoals claims the city as his own, and the city embraces him whole-heartedly, and thusly, he kicks off Lockeland Springsteen‘s run of “Nashville Fives” from artists playing Bonnaroo 2016. His temperament imbues classic Nashville sensibilities of world-wariness and spiritual dissimilarity, while his cool wavering timbre features flecks of Ryan Adams melded with Alabama legend John Paul White.

On his third full-length effort – Cautionary Tale the brooding rosin of LeBlanc’s voice leads the listener along an exploratory journey across the rough causeways of life, painted with an introspective folk-country sheen via LeBlanc’s percipient songwriting.

Cautionary Tale is one of my personal favorite releases to date in 2016 (and will likely feature in many a “best of” list), which is just one of a myriad reasons why LeBlanc tops my list of must see acts at Bonnaroo – he’s playing ‘Roo on Saturday, June 11th, at 1:45 on the Who Stage – in order to witness tracks from Cautionary Tale and deep cut from LeBlanc’s other two LPs, Cast the Same Old Shadow and Paupers Field.

If you can’t catch LeBlanc on Saturday, he’s also playing a post-Roo gig with Aubrie Sellers at 3rd & Lindsley Sunday, June 12th at 6 PM. In the mean time, check out Dylan’s “Nashville Five” featuring some of his favorite spots in and around Nashville.

-Sean M.

1.Carter Vintage Guitars
This is one of the best music stores I’ve ever been in. You walk inside to the front room and they have vintage Martins and Gibsons in glass cases. I immediately start strutting when I walk in because that is the kind of place this is. I mean you gotta walk in with a purpose if you go into a place with this much class.  You can’t just froth at the mouth and wipe the drool off your face while standing there with a look of awe. No. You gotta have purpose and reason. This is why I only go in there twice a year. But the place is amazing. Truly.

2. Frothy Monkey

Centrally located, dimly lit. This coffee shop keeps a strut in any poor boy’s step and until you stain your shirt, you’ll be gleaming with a new attitude and outlook on life.

3. Mas Tacos
Scrumpdiddleyumptious tacos that will have you bending over backwards for a ride there. Their tacos are so good and will stick to your ribs for quite some time. Because with the cost of living these days, chances are you can only afford to eat once daily.

4. The 5 Spot
This place has all the makings of a good time. Killer dance parties and local bands and just overall good times. The bathrooms are decent as well.

5. Fanny’s House of Music
I really like this place because it’s in an old house and it’s very welcoming. They always have Interesting off-the-wall brand guitars and old vintage silvertones and vintage amps. They have a good vintage clothing rack too. So you get instruments and clothes, and the staff is a fine bunch as well. Always smiling.

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