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Nashville Five /// Bassh

Catch the newly formed duo Bassh, composed of Jimmy Brown and CJ Hardee from Matrimony, tomorrow at Edgehill Rocks, a pretty swell way to kick off outdoor music season.

Things I hate about spring in Nashville: tornado alarms, the never-ending fights about possible brown recluse spider spotting on the East Nashville Facebook group and more weeds in my yard than the number of Donald Trump’s misogynist comments. Things I love: the start of outdoor music season. From Musician’s Corner to Record Store Day to small acoustic trios who take up residence at the Shelby Park Farmer’s market, I love spending my weekends from now until the humid depths of midsummer listening to bands while enjoying still rather temperate Tennessee breeze. 
Bassh Photo - Maria Gonzales

This year, the season kicks off with Edgehill Rocks, happening tomorrow, April 1, from 10 am – 6 pm in Edgehill Village. I went last year, and spend the afternoon listening to Los Colognes, drinking beer and drifting in and out of local stores like Liz Rose’s Castilleja. It was lovely, and the 2016 version should continue suit. I’m mostly interested in Castilleja’s own stage, where you can catch Taylor Brashears, Luke Bell and Jaime Wyatt – and, of course, the headliner Bassh, who goes on at 4 pm on the main stage.

Formed by Matrimony alumnae Jimmy Brown and CJ Hardee, their debut single, “Body” (produced by  Bill Reynolds of Band of Horses) is a complex balance of layered, echoing vocals, creative percussion and a spiraling, infectious melody that evokes the smart modernization of roots rock as well as Dr. Dog and as anthemic as a more less self-aware Foster the People.

Jimmy recently moved from North Carolina to Nashville, and has been quickly falling in love with our fair city. Below, find five of his favorite things about his new hometown, and catch Bassh at Edgehill Rocks tomorrow.

Nashville Five /// Jimmy Brown from Bassh ::: 

1. Vintage King for gear ::: I love exploring their insane selection of analog gear and boutique synths.  Their drawers are packed with pedals.   Going in there and being surrounded by all their amazing gear inspires me.

2. Brunch ::: Nashville has so many places to brunch over the weekends.  It’s hard to choose just one place. There are spots for creative people, families and just chilling.

3. JJ’s for coffee mid week ::: It’s original feel reminds me of coffee shops in Belfast.   I must turn my head around 10 times a day when I am there when they call out a coffee drink with my namesake, The James Brown.   JJ’s is good for a caffeine pick up and/or craft beer catch up over board games and light food.

4. Robert’s ::: Great live bands playing classic country hits everything from Merle Haggert, Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks et al.   You can find some of Nashville’s best sessions players here.   If you want a good country fix Robert’s is the place to go.

5. Percy Warner Park :: Driving through Percy Warner Park reminds me of my homeland Ireland.   It’s hilly and green with loads of trees.  Typically, I play cards at the top of the hill after a peaceful and serene drive.

Photo ::: Maria Gonzales 

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