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Exclusive /// Liz Cooper & The Stampede Premiere “Outer Space”

Liz Cooper & The Stampede, the psychedelic three-piece, premiere their video for "Outer Space," a track off their forthcoming EP that is as limitless as they are.

Liz Cooper & The StampedeEver gone nowhere in particular in search of some kind of intangible possession, a kind of quest for energy with no expectations? Liz Cooper has, and these wandering ways sum up the sounds she makes with the atmospheric rock trio, Liz Cooper & The Stampede. She’s less leading lady and more song spearhead, a kind of communal frontman that is empowered by Ky Baker (drums) and Grant Prettyman (bass), the rhythmic souls that keep the whole collective together. The three-piece take the curiosity out of wondering what they sound like live and necessitate the experience on their soon-to-be-released EP, Live at The Silent Planet, and they’ve given us a peek into the sensory roaming. “Outer Space,” the title giving clue to the band’s limitless nature, ditches gravity for vibrato and creates this energized ambiance, syncopated with divided beats and lush layers of background vocals and harmonic white noise. It’s easy to get whisked away in the current of harmonies, and there’s effortless intention to the melody that feels unrestricted while still inspiring a sense of momentary captivation (not destination). Throughout the EP there is a sonic motion that creates that kind of sought-out vibe, reverberating in retro sounds but still finding place in the present. And if seeing is believing, this video is physical embodiment of the band: artistically ruleless and consumed in the moment and sounds.

Be sure to find your way out on April 1 to catch their EP release show with Extraplanet, Forlorn Strangers and Warm Ryders.  And definitely peep this premiere of “Outer Space” before the chaos on the 1st commences.


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