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The UnLocked Sessions /// Lucie Silvas

We hide away at Citizen private club in the Gulch for a special performance of Lucie Silvas' stirring song, "Roots."

There is no one in Nashville like Lucie Silvas. In a town of so much talent, the pressure to confirm can be stifling at times: veer too far left or right, and you could be thrown entirely off course. Lucie, however, is fearless about putting her own unique point of view at the forefront – fearless about letting her perfectly-rasped, immaculate pipes shine (like the most precious lace, its frayed edges are part of the beauty), fearless about genre (she fuses pop, country, soul and gospel), fearless in the intimacy of her lyrics. Just turn to her new record, Letters to Ghosts, for proof: it’s full of joyous grooves, heart-wrenching ballads and thoughtful, creative instrumentation that balances locomotive drums with spiraling riffs. Songs like “Smoke” are arena ready, some, like “Unbreakable Us,” start in the coffee shop and end in the Mother Church.

For all all of these reasons, we asked Lucie to film one of our very first UnLocked Sessions, at Citizen private club in the Gulch. Watch her strip down “Roots,” below, and stay tuned for a photo diary from the day shot by Kate Cauthen – you can see a small preview in the photo above, with Lucie sporting some amazing clothing from H. Audrey. Thanks, as always, to our friends at Made In.

-MRMLS Stars

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