The UnLocked Sessions /// John Moreland

Normally, we post our UnLocked Sessions on the first Tuesday of every month – but, when we launched, we also made a promise that every once in a while we would break that mold for something truly special that just couldn’t wait. Well, that’s how we feel about this one, and about John Moreland. During the wild week that was the Americana Music Festival, we stole away into a corner of City Winery, surrounded by oak barrels and inky bottles of Burgundy, to film with John. He’s a songwriter of the finest form, a rare breed that can tap into the deepest corners of human emotion with every lyric, note and breath. To be completely honest, part of the reason we wanted to film this session is simply because we just wanted to soak in as many of these songs as we could, in a place close enough to diffuse some of it through our own skin – but it helps that, thanks to our friends at Made In, we can actually share the greatness with you. Miranda Lambert recently posted on Instagram about road-tripping to see John at a gig in Little Rock, and how he changed her life with his words. Us too, Miranda. Us too.

Watch “Hang Me in the Tulsa County Stars” and “Hearts Too Heavy,” from High on Tulsa Heat, below :::

LS Stars

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