Photo Diary

Photo Diary /// Erin Rae + the Meanwhiles and Los Colognes’ Dual Album Release Show

This past Friday night, local acts Los Colognes and Erin Rae + The Meanwhiles celebrated the release of their LPs to a packed crowd at The Basement East. Our photographer was on hand to capture the evening.

Photos by Kevin Brown :::

LrMobile0709-2015-030751009890920480 LrMobile0709-2015-100163775030791573 LrMobile0709-2015-100163835690789363 LrMobile0709-2015-100563838778146861 LrMobile0709-2015-100763840916233110 LrMobile0709-2015-101163785578838756 LrMobile0709-2015-101263846012782588 LrMobile0709-2015-101463847771907170 LrMobile0709-2015-101563788773401933 LrMobile0709-2015-101563849547492795 LrMobile0709-2015-101763851204785867 LrMobile0709-2015-102163795614281253 LrMobile0709-2015-102363797511289169 LrMobile0709-2015-102563799510616929 LrMobile0709-2015-102863801841054793 LrMobile0709-2015-103063804143045104 LrMobile0709-2015-103263806162500884 LrMobile0709-2015-103663809910671665 LrMobile0709-2015-103863812171083695 LrMobile0709-2015-104163815140738277 LrMobile0709-2015-104563819008589264 LrMobile0709-2015-104663820691238744 LrMobile0709-2015-105163824810576659 LrMobile0709-2015-105363826821091970 LrMobile0709-2015-105563829420534260 LrMobile0709-2015-105763831050581292 LrMobile0709-2015-105963833350813635

LS Stars

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