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The UnLocked Sessions /// Anderson East

Watch the soulful stylings of Anderson East as he performs "Satisfy Me" and "Lonely" for our new video series, The UnLocked Sessions.

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Mixing the heart of blues with modern melodies is a feat left to the most formidable musicians in our city. Cue Anderson East; a young Nashville singer whose booming, rustic voice could bring an entire audience to a halt. Don’t let the doe-blue eyes fool you; East’s soulful lyrics and impeccable delivery harken back to the wisdom of old folk greats; his songs encapsulate what Neil meant when he sang “Twenty-four and there’s so much more.” With his most current release, Delilah, East showcases a maturely cultivated craft: his guitar solos indicate a proclivity toward the first generation of American soul, and his lyrical content represents a meticulous account of the spontaneous and often soured revelations wrought upon someone climbing through their twenties. With a fine-tuned version of voice- that of a growling and impassioned desperado- and a landscape of experiences that only an intelligent musician could accurately translate- Delilah has quickly become on of Lockeland’s favorite albums of the year. Songs like “Lonely” and “Satisfy Me,” present us with a stirring catalogue of music to reveal the naked emotions that haunt us in our constant pursuits of love and success. East first hooked us with his signature sound at our first Lockeland Lunch Break all those years ago, and feel honored to witness the growth of his masterful craft as he ascends to new levels of musical prowess and songwriting maturity. Watch the videos below, filmed at beloved neighborhood watering hole Dino’s. 

– Emily 

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