Nashville Five

Nashville Five /// Bebe Buell

Bebe Buell left New York for Nashville and created a second life in music. Here are the places and people that make her Music City special.

11150647_1091072024241742_1278380298172505162_n“Goodbye New York, Hello Music City,” sings Bebe Buell on the track that pays tribute to her flight from the city that never sleeps. It’s a journey I know well – unlike Bebe, I wasn’t running back to southern roots or away from the paparazzi that dog her daughter, Liv Tyler. But I understand the joy, and creative freedom, that comes from leaving this powerful place of skyscrapers and all-night delis for skies of stars and all-night jam sessions. Bebe’s a Nashville lifer now, she’s proclaimed. Me too. It’s easy to recognize when the City That Never Sleeps becomes the City That Only Weeps. For me, it cried for a past life now being filled in with bankers and ATM branches. For Bebe, it was a musical scene with little music or scene left.

In New York, or life outside of Nashville, Bebe was famous for a few things: being an ex of Steven Tyler, being Liv’s mother, being a model or music groupie. But here, Bebe gets to be who she really is, beyond all the tabloid fodder: she’s a singer with a swagger, who has actually been making records since the very early eighties. She loves gritty, bluesy licks, horns and the occasional southern flourish, and a little bit of the flamboyant, unabashed rock spirit of her famous Aerosmith ex.

It’s funny – they used to say New York is where you can go to be who you want to be. Maybe that’s true for some, but for me, and Bebe, Nashville’s the real place to let it all hang loose.

Plus, less banks.

Catch her tonight at 3rd and Lindsley with her band the Nashville Aces and some special guests, and check out her Nashville Five below:

m0JtmhszBy Bebe Buell

 #1) One of the first places I was taken when I moved to town by my dear friends Beth Hooker & Harry Stinson was The Firefly Grille. There’s something about the relaxed atmosphere and eclectic menu that keeps me coming back. It feels like it’s got a little history. They also have the best Mac & Cheese I’ve ever tasted in my entire life…

 #2) Andante Day Spa~ I’m sure there are newer and fancier spas in Nashville but what I love about Andante is the talent. The people working there are amazing! I’ve looked far and wide for a good place that does a full on body scrub since leaving NYC and I found it here!

#3) The Bluebird Cafe~ I got my first Nashville break from the Bluebird and Erika. Played my first full show with The Nashville Aces there. And it was full on electric! Made my debut on Mother’s Day 2014~ how appropriate! It feels like I’m home on that stage- three sold out shows later, The Bluebird is one of my favorite places to be and I look forward to every return. There’s a magic within those walls that has to be felt to understand.

#4) Grimey’s & The Basement~ Mike Grimes is the real deal and his establishments keep it real. Forever a vinyl junkie, I loved playing an in store there amongst all the records. It’s the simple things that rock my world~ The Basement has the best sound in town for a small venue. Your band will sound it’s best if you showcase there… great energy with the audiences, too.

#5) Jack White is one of my favorite things about Nashville because he has added a cosmic true rock star element to the specialness of living here. He’s a true gentleman and brilliant musical genius. One of the highlights of my life thus far was seeing him sing with Loretta Lynn at Bridgestone. It doesn’t get an better!

5+) bonus***All I get is five? I could be here all day! I don’t want to leave out The Ryman, The Opry, Radner Lake or Santa’s Pub… XO

LS Stars

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