Features /// Willie and The Giant Premiere “The Best”

NO UNAUTHORIZED USE ALLOWED. Stealing is a CRIME.You’ve already heard me talk about Willie and The Giant, the four-piece that settled into the all-analog groove of Welcome to 1979 to record a few tracks, in addition to a full-length that is about to be a public reality next week. They’re a soulful bunch, smooth and lyrical but with a prowess for a dynamic sound that will surprise you from song to song. Their self-titled debut is a ten-track trip back to the future, blending ’70’s tones, driving rhythms, reverb and melodic instrumentation into songs that fit the current times. It doesn’t have the chaos of contemporary arrangements, but it does have a good bit of diversity that makes each track have an occasion of its own, whether it’s a good night out or a better night in or a lustful flashback to what used to be. If you’re listening to “The Best,” you’re probably in the mood for a tipsy disposition and not in the mood for a certain someone. The falsetto vocals sit equal to the rest of the band, intentionally making you lean in to hear the bold lyrics supported by organ tones and rhythm guitar. With the coy vocals providing a platform for confidence, “The Best” gets its vibe from a borderline country agenda but its movement from soul, giving you a quick two and a half minutes of feel-good and forget-me-not attitude.
Before you snag the debut album from Willie and The Giant next week, enjoy this Lockeland Springsteen premiere of “The Best.”
-Katie A. 

LS Stars

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