Record Store Day /// Where to Go, What to Buy, Where to Find a Petting Zoo

The most wonderful time of year is around the corner: Record Store Day! Here's what to buy, where to go, where to find a petting zoo of various fluffy animals and where to run into us listening to our favorite local bands. If you see us, say hello (we'll be here, not in Tangiers).

PrintThe most wonderful time of year is around the corner: Record Store Day! Here’s what to buy, where to go, where to find a petting zoo of various fluffy animals and where to run into us listening to our favorite local bands. If you see us, say hello (we’ll be here, not in Tangiers).

– Team L/S

Emily:  on what to buy 600x387xcourtney_barnett_lj_160315.jpg.pagespeed.ic.t6OkOyYoA2

Ryan Adams and vinyl are a natural association, maybe because both exist in the modern day carrying with them notes of an easier time. This year, his RSD release includes two an alternate take of “Come Pick Me Up” and a previously unreleased version of “When The Rope Gets Tight,” to be released on 2015’s deluxe reissue of Heartbreaker. For hip hop enthusiasts, A$AP Rocky releases his own 7”, featuring Juicy J and produced by his self-made alter-ego Lord Flacko. The 1971 AA side of “Changes” that secured David Bowie a record deal is finally coming to release on a 7” picture disc, as well as a separate vinyl featuring both Bowie and Tom Verlaine with their own productions of “Kingdom Come.” The dark rhythms of Banks’ “Beggin For Thread” come alive through four separate versions on The Remixes Part 2. Concord Records releases the companion 10” to jazz legend Miles Davis’ previously released The Prestige Collection, Vol. 1. For those who enjoy the songwriting and production ingenuity of Richard Swift, Ground Trouble Law makes its first physical debut after existing as a digital-only release. Appealing to the nostalgic remains of our New York hearts, Courtney Barnett’s Kim’s Caravan features a B-side cover of John’s Cale’s “Close Watch.”

Nashville: Alt-country singer-songwriters Lydia Loveless and Cory Brannan release a beautiful purple vinyl featuring two never before released tracks. Our favorite precocious punk-rockers Pujol and Meth Dad share space on a limited run 5” vinyl, and The Black Keys cover the raw southern blues of Junior Kimbrough’s “All Night Long.” And of course, we would be remiss not to mention the Johnny Cash release- a 12” vinyl featuring 1983 performances live in Prague.

static1.squarespaceKatie: Grimey’s 

Good ol’ Grimey’s, the Nashville standard, making Record Store Day a bit riotous for all in 2015. With Halestorm as the main attraction, RSD ’14’s alum, NEEDTOBREATHE, seems like an easy-breezy dream in comparison to the relentless rock of the Pennsylvania four-piece. When you’re not grabbing your copy of their brand new album, Into the Wild Life, released just this week, and stepping in line for a signature and introduction, the new and preloved wonderland has just about everything you’ve been waiting to snag–as for me, it’s that Alabama Shakes album pre-order with that free 7″ to hold me over. sELF‘s bringing along a special 45 and some alt-pop vibes, and Those Darlins will be supplying something special, too: a split live album with Diarrhea Planet. Add that one to my ‘need’ list. Jonathan Jackson and Enation will take the stage after the 2pmHalestorm set, followed by the London soul of Kitty Daisy & Lewis. And if for some unfortunate reason you miss Turbo Fruits‘ late afternoon set, mosey on back to the Basement on Saturday night for their record release show. (You’ll be hearing more from me about the already “best of 2015” album that is No Control.) The Lees of Memory will cap the energy-intensive day, and if you’re like me, you’ll end it physically and financially drained. But very, very happy.

Kevin: Fond Object fond-object-rsd-final-copy-791x1024

Everyone loves a good in-store performance, and thanks to Record Store Day, us Nashvillians have a ton of choices on Saturday. My personal pick is the blowout happening at Fond Object in Riverside Village. Kicking off at 12 sharp with tunes from local blues outfit Los Colognes, the folks at Fond Object have lined up a killer slate of music that includes new blood like Teddy and The Rough Riders (a country band featuring members of Paperhead) and THING (jangly punk rock), established favorites like Promised Land Sound and Mystery Twins, as well as the recently resurrected guitar heroes of Hans Condor. To top it all off, there’s also The Animen, a rock band hailing from Switzerland. And how could I not mention that this is also the only RSD event in town that will have a petting zoo?

Kim: Third Man

Third Man has gone great lengths to outdo last year’s record-breaking World’s Fastest Record by the 2014 Ambassador himself, Jack White. So, this year’s announcements of what can be expected came in a set of three big parts, naturally. Vinyl-wise, there are two exclusive gems you can aim to get your hands on–but only if you are prepared for a stakeout amongst the diehard fans. The first is the highly anticipated 10 year anniversary release of The White Stripes‘ fifth album Get Behind Me Satan –which was never commercially released on vinyl until now. The second I’m sure you’ve read about in the Billboard cover story on Jack in January when he became the owner of the earliest recordings ever done by Elvis Presley. A limited number of copies of the original 10″ 78rpm facsimile record including songs, “My Happiness” and “That’s When Your Heartache Begins” will be sold at the storefront. The actual copy Jack purchased from the Graceland Auction for $300,000 will be on display in the Blue Room for all to bask in it’s glory.

StickerButtonPin-650Speaking of the Blue Room, the next surprise up the black and yellow sleeve is that for a few lucky folks will get the opportunity to record themselves there, just as Elvis himself did at Sun Records back in 1953, cut on the spot onto a 10″ 45rpm record! The spots for the Third Man Recording Service filled up almost instantly after the sign up link was posted last Friday.

In addition to exclusive vinyl and new merch, Third Man has debuted on brand black-and-yellow instruments such as a special edition Critter and Guitari SEPTAVOX keyboard and TERZ amplifier that will have you beepin’ and boopin’ for hours on end. They will also be setting up shop to give a demo on how to get started. The next is quite adorable–a kid-sized 3-stringed electric loog guitar for the little musicians in the making.

And finally, it would not be a complete RSD at TMR without some live music including Shadraq, Anwar Sadat, and PUJOL. Good friends at the Stone Fox will be keeping you guys fed and hydrated with booze throughout the day so feel free to hang out! I’ll be working the shop so be sure to say hi while you get your fix.

Marissa: the Groovemagooman-rsd

Living in Lockeland Springs, wandering over to the Groove on any given day – but especially Record Store Day – has become a bit of a ritual. Last year, I did it with my then 10-month-old in tow, who screamed and threw a fit while we tried to buy records inside (sorry, everyone in line!). This year, I’ll be doing the same, hoping the kid lets me fish around for those Courtney Barnett and David Bowie gems. And it’s a killer lineup of live music: JAWWS, King Bitch, Adia Victoria, Stone Jack Jones and more, plus tacos from Mas Tacos, plenty of beer and me running around trying to contain my son while holding a pint in one hand and a stack of records in the other. It’s going to be a blast and, also, if you see a stray little boy running around, just grab him and return to sender, cool? (I guess I should probably make a stop at Fond Object, too, for that petting zoo).

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