Happenings /// The Bros. Landreth hit Grimey’s

Kevin hits our beloved local record shop and occasional venue for a late afternoon of enlightenment with the Bros. Landreth

One of my favorite things about living in Nashville is the serendipitous nature of an evening off. The most recent occurrence of this case of “right place at the right time” happened just hours prior to this writing, as I found myself browsing the racks at Grimey’s prior to an in-store performance by The Bros. Landreth.Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 12.12.51 PM

While I had fully intended to catch Ty Segall’s appearance in between the racks at our hallowed ambassador of all things vinyl back in September (and to be honest, many more other shows since then), I feel slightly ashamed to say that this was my first time catching a Grimey’s gig. At the same time, I am glad that my first chance to experience the intimate/sweaty atmosphere of a Grimey’s in-store came while watching a band whose music I was completely unfamiliar with and subsequently won over by.

The Bros. Landreth are categorized by their Facebook page as alt-country artists. The label rings true to what I’ve listened of their just-released debut record, Let It Lie, but in person they give off an appealing whiff of the blues with just the subtlest dash of folk. Catching up with my friend Jake (from our friends over at This City’s Full) prior to the show, I had my anticipation stoked by his recollection of how they took this year’s AmericanaFest by surprise. It seems like the four-piece (made up of, yes, two brothers and two nonsiblings) is fond of Nashville, as they bantered fondly about their first Nashville show at The Basement almost a year ago.

Having graduated up to the next level of the 8th Avenue complex (one that also houses their management company, Thirty Tigers), the guys proved themselves capable of putting on a musically dynamic show in just a short thirty-minute slot. In addition to last night’s show at Grimey’s, they will also popping into tonight’s edition of Music City Roots in Franklin and then capping it off with a proper headlining gig at Mercy Lounge tomorrow night. For everyone who missed out the first time, you’ve got two more shots to learn from my accidental discovery before the week is out.

– Kevin B.

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