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Christian Lee Huston, the 24-year old described best as the "King of Bummercore," writes the type of songs that are begging to be featured in an indie romantic drama or a self-discovering coming of age tale of some sort (and make no mistake, I mean that in a good way).

ChristianLeeHutson_ErinRambo11-640x360It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I consider myself somewhat of a movie connoisseur–and by that I just mean I watch A LOT of movies and typically have a strong opinion on whatever I see. However, sometimes I find that even a mediocre film can be saved by a stellar soundtrack, and a great movie can be dulled by a poor choice of a cliché song. But those really beautiful movies that have both an engaging storyline as well as a thoughtful soundtrack are the ones that stick out in my mind as classics that I will revisit time and again. Like who could forget Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides that introduced to us the lust-worthy Trip Fontaine to the sexy beat of Heart‘s “Magic Man,” and again when Lux Lisbon snuck out of the house to straddle Trip in his car for a quick make out to “Crazy on You”? But most notably remembered was the soft childlike twinkling of Air’s “Playground Love” that leaves you with a uncomfortably numb feeling long after the credits.

Christian Lee Huston, the 24-year old described best as the “King of Bummercore,” writes the type of songs that are begging to be featured in an indie romantic drama or a self-discovering coming of age tale of some sort (and make no mistake I mean that in a good way because I thoroughly enjoy those movies.) A Nashville-via-LA singer/songwriter, Christian is debuting his sophomore full-length album Yeah Okay, I Know on Trailer Fire Records following up 2013’s The Hell With It along with a previous career in the now-defunct Driftwood Singers. A disguised voice of experience delivering lines like, “I’m old enough to know that I know nothing” and “You only want me because I’m a mess” are picture perfect for a scene where the young antagonist is downing whiskey at a local dive contemplating his next move after the grand fuck-up. The self-loathing drunken lyrics are paired with folky acoustics that pulse with the honest energy of Christian’s vocals. The album closes with a somber track appropriately titled, “Monster,” that depicts the type of ending in a movie where the lead character finds himself to be his own worst enemy–uncomfortably numb.

Alas, it seems Christian might still be a true romantic at heart because his Nashville Five consists of creative date ideas for  anyone who may need an excuse to go out for a good time. Christian Lee Hutson’s album Yeah Okay, I Know is available now on Trailer Fire Records and you can bring a date to his album release show at The Stone Fox February 17th.

–Kimberly B.

Nashville Five /// By Christian Lee Huston:::

5 Pretty Cool Date Spots (but not cool enough to make up for my personality):

1. Cult Fiction Underground – If you’re into weird cult horror films or you suspect your date might be, see what’s playing at Cult Fiction Underground. It’s a little movie house in the basement of this neat vintage shop. For 5 bucks you can crack jokes through the whole picture and squeeze your date’s hand when some dude gets eaten by a mutant crocodile. I’ve invited several dates to join me for the early showing, but literally every time, I was stood up and had to call my friend Nathan to come catch the late showing so that I didn’t look weird for having waited around all night. Admittedly, the place is sort of difficult to describe without it sounding like you’re taking a girl to your friend’s basement to watch some B movie.

2. The Red Bicycle – This is a great coffee shop in Germantown that I used to visit everyday when I was making my record. My friend convinced me to ask one of the baristas out and she gave me her number, but when I called to ask when I should pick her up, she texted me saying she had a boyfriend. I think they serve crepes too.

3. The Wild Cow – If your date is a vegan or you’re into that kinda shit just ’cause, this is the spot for you. I went on a date here and ordered the Veggie Quinoa Bowl, I think. I don’t really remember but it is definitely a legit restaurant. The date ended in an embarrassing kiss that I asked for and then proceeded to talk through like a total amateur. I haven’t seen her since, BUT that has nothing to do with The Wild Cow, at least not to my knowledge.

4. Plaza Art Store – I wouldn’t take a date here unless the date involved some kind of arts and crafts project. Even then you probably should pick the materials up beforehand so that you’re not wasting your date’s time with a trip to the store. I could be wrong, I don’t know what the project is. The week I moved to Nashville, I went in there to buy stencil making stuff and was helped by the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life. She was wearing these amazing little blue glasses. We shared a laugh when I jokingly proposed to her and my low self-esteem let me walk out of there without even asking her name. I went in once a week for the following month and could never seem to figure out what day she was working so I never saw her again. I bought a lot of spray paint that I never used, as a result.

5. Highland Trail at Beaman Park – If I ever had a date that turned into a relationship, this is where we would go to hike or whatever. I went for a run here alone on a rainy October morning and it was beautiful. I made friends with a turtle that I almost stepped on and took a lot of pictures of leaves. This probably isn’t a great spot for a first date unless you’re trying to throw kidnap-y vibes for some reason.

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