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There is a quality both sacred and eery about the palindrome; when I noticed it to be the exact time of the new Bad Cop EP, I intuitively trusted the punk-rock duo to transport me to an associated "other-world."

Bad Cop by Andrew Pearson high copyAfter a friend pointed out to me her strange connection with the number 747, I too began to see its omnipresence as well; carved into the back of staplers, sandwiched between a collection of phone numbers, scribbled on napkins left at cafes. There is a quality both sacred and eery about the palindrome; when I noticed it to be the exact time of the new Bad Cop EPI intuitively trusted the punk-rock duo to transport me to an associated “other-world.”

Shortly after their inception in 2009, the group attracted the attention of ROIR- the staple NYC-based record label that has housed artists including The Beastie Boys, New York Dolls, and MC5. Soon after, they found musical inspiration through their stint living in the urban mecca of punk legends and spirited rock n’ roll. Indeed, the entire seven minutes and forty-seven seconds of We Wish You Well… And Goodbye succeed in transporting me to other-world, the world of raw and searing rock served up with a delectable and familiar New York edge.

But just as their is a home for transplant New York writers here in Nashville, so is there a home for a healthy dose of fast-paced, up-tempo rock n’ roll, featuring rumbling percussive solos, static guitar lines, and frontman Adam Moult’s vocal capacity to channel to Gods of grunge. The cohesiveness of the tracks speaks to Bad Cop’s ability to speak the rock language fluently, adding in a distinctive character with original inflections and flair.

Like most artists who understand well the many different terrains of music that have led to the culmination of a particular style, Bad Cop’s music affinities extend past the predictable; below is a diverse and intriguing list of their current top five favorite songs. And stream their record here:  EP stream

Bad Cop’s- Top 5 favorite songs (currently) 

1.) Nina Simone- Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – Broadway Blues Ballads

 This song has been one of my favorites since I first heard it a few years ago. I’ve always loved something about the way songs with an eerie gospel vibe sound. And the message in this song is incredible, I think every man and woman to walk this earth can relate to this. Her soul is pouring out into the song, it is truly beautiful.

2.) Frank Sinatra- My Way- My Way.

 I’ve always loved Frank Sinatra as well. This song also speaks to me specifically, and I’m sure a lot of other people. Something about the calm music and its powerful message has always had me hooked on this song. It’s about doing what you want, and not regretting it in the end. I first heard about this tune when reading about the artist/painter Dash Snow, and just fell in love with it. Frank Sinatra is classic, but I never truly understood why until I listened to this track.

3.) The Exploding Heart- Modern Kicks- Guitar Romantic

 The Exploding Hearts are one of those legendary bands due to the unfortunate circumstances around the deaths of its members. But this specific track from their debut album has always been a song I can listen to endlessly. Something about the perfect melody (IMO) for a pop/rock song. And the guitar lead on this… quite an amazing tune.

4.) Plastic Ono Band – Cold Turkey – Cold Turkey Single

John Lennon. The dude of rock & roll. I prefer his solo work, to that of his Beatles work (with the exception of rubber soul and the white album), but I feel he really started to become his natural wild self, unrestrained, while playing solo. This song specifically is something the Beatles management and label NEVER would have let happen, and it is one of his best pieces of work. So with all that being said- dig this track.

5.) Townes Van Zandt- Waiting Around To Die- For The Sake Of Song.

Another one of the more powerful songs I’ve ever heard. This was probably the greatest singer-songwriter of our time. Something about it definitely reminds me of Tennessee. It sounds like fall in the South. It is as beautiful as it is dark, which I think is a nice metaphor for the south. As far as the song- the finger picking mixed with the extremely heavy lyrics leave you in a somewhat trance, and you truly feel the pain of living in the middle of nowhere, with nowhere to go. I find art that conveys a feeling to someone distant from the situation is beautiful, and that is why I picked a lot of these songs, but specifically this tune here. If you haven’t listened to Townes, go grab something, you will love it.

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