Video /// Them Vibes Debut “Lorelei”

10524314_308154742681301_3144880394485459869_nSex and murder is a pretty intriguing combination and one found in Them Vibes‘ “Lorelei” music video that has made its debut today. If y’all don’t know know why I have so much heart for these wild spirits, watch up. Filmed here in Nashville and set amidst some of our most visited spots, such as 3 Crow Bar and Santa’s Pub, the video follows the lyrically heavy but musically upbeat narrative of the band’s treasured anthem.

A guy and gal fall in like at 3 Crow, like we all do some nights at this establishment, but this one blossoms into a relationship that takes a turn towards another guy. With a scandalous woman, a doubting man, and a few drinks at another bar for Miss Lorelei, you can guess where the sex and murder come in. Them Vibes fuse bits of their performance and unavoidable personality into the fabric of the video that includes flashbacks to the man’s Tennessee childhood and scenes of a soul-saving Santa (that’s right, the one and only), all-the-while mixing the intimacy of the relationship with the draws of good times had in bar bathrooms. The “Lorelei” music video is a captured representation of Them Vibes in all their rock-n-roll glory, and with a Nashville setting and sexual landscape, I don’t know what more could be said. Click below to watch the official “Lorelei” debut.

-Katie A.

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