Happenings /// So You’re Not Going to Foo Fighters? I.e. What’s Happening Tonight, Halloween Edition

After receiving about thirty text messages from various friends lamenting the lightning-fast sell-out of Foo Fighters tickets, we decided it was our duty to provide a round up of other fun, music-related Day of The Dead activities.

HappeningAfter receiving numerous messages from various friends lamenting the lightning-fast sell-out of Foo Fighters tickets, we decided it was our duty to provide a round up of other fun, music-related Halloween activities. Yes, a rock n’ roll Ryman would complement this holiday, but we’ve compounded some other, equally seductive options for those of you craving haunts, horror, and Hennessy.

1. Promised Land Sound @ Exit/In ::: Bring $5 and your favorite Dachshund to Exit/In for HALLOWEENERS!, a four-act bill headlined by local psychedelic Southern rockers Promised Land Sound. I’ve grown particularly fond of their laid-back but catchy melodies, the influence of classic blues as apparent as the influence of greener items. Opening up the night, we have Brooklyn rockers Nude Beach (protip: Exit/In might not allow you in if you dress appropriately for these guys) and local pop acts JP5 and James Wallace & The Naked Light. This should be a good choice for anyone who wants to experience heavy guitar riffs on Friday night and wake up on Saturday morning with a costume that smells more like PBR than candy corn.

-Kevin B.

 2. Steelism @ ACME :::10703837_869394936418563_4405042955939751191_o There’s something spooky, alright, about Steelism – because it’s scary just how dynamic and daringly groovy the instrumental duo of Jeremy Fetzer and Spencer Cullum Jr can be. They’ll be headlining Acme’s Haunted House Party, which will actually be a pleasant, comforting foil to how downright horrifying the surrounding sights of Lower Broadway are bound to be. Joined by quirky newcomer Caroline Rose (whom we like despite our wish that she should have just gotten a name change to avoid confusion with our beloved Caitlin), it’s a good option for one stop shopping, with food, drink, music and even a dance party. And it will be just like the horror movies: whatever you do, don’t go outside.

– Marissa M.

3. Monster Bash @ Silver Point Studios ::: On an evening when some of those deadly sins come out to play, it seems only fitting for me to select one of the most unbounded Halloween events. The Monster Bash, hosted at Silverpoint Studios, will be set with two stages, and 16 artists, including Sol CatThe WansConcord AmericaBlackfoot GypsiesThe Gills, and many more acts, will help satisfy your Halloween binge with the assistance of Yazoo Brewing Company and whatever other potions you may consume. And there’s a costume contest, so get dressed up to get messed up. Get your tickets today to save some cash magic.

-Katie A.

4. Repeat Repeat + The Future @ Crying Wolf ::: dead sexy Who doesn’t love a free party? Move on from your trick or treating and haunting house parties to East Nashville where you can get a free show from surf pop band *Repeat Repeat and Blood Moon brothers The Future. There will also be a photo booth to document all of your ghoulishly embarrassing behavior with your costume clad friends. Did I mention it’s free? Ok then, just thought I’d mention it again.

-Kimberly B.

10583047_10202690579136130_5056441676486978896_o5. Honky Tonk Halloween @ Tin Dog Tavern :::

Want to experience a Halloween as country-friendly as a night at Honky Tonk Central, without standing on the corner of 4th and Broadway with smudged whiskers, a broken tail, and a slew of cat-calls from Vampires as you wait, hours upon end, for your neighborhood Lyft back home? Then skip downtown, and head over to Tin Dog Tavern instead, for an inevitably haunting performance by some of our favorite local outlaw country singers. The party serves as Cale Tyson’s release show, with special guests Johnny Appleseed, Luke Bell, and Pete Lindberg. Don’t be fooled by his blonde hair and blue eyes- Tyson holds a special place in his heart for the more sinister notes of life, cleverly crafted into tried-and-true outlaw country.

-Emily K. 

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