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Photo Diary /// Taylor Brashears, Whiskey Shivers, the Coal Men and Brian Ritchey at the 5 Spot

We take our camera inside the 5 Spot and catch one of our favorite classic country gals, Taylor Brashears, along with dynamos Whiskey Shivers, the Coal Men and Brian Ritchey.

Last week at the 5 Spot, we took our camera to a night featuring an expertly-curated lineup including Taylor BrashearsWhiskey Shivers, the Coal Men and Brian Ritchey – leave it to the sonic ringleader of Five Points, Terry Rickards, to create an evening so subtly diverse and not so subtly-thrilling.

As soon as she began to sing, the power of Taylor Brashears’ voice shot through the venue, colored with the texture of some of outlaw country’s most prominent females artists. Backed by modernized guitar lines, the performance was a perfect blend between roots rock and raw country, with rich, tremolo-soaked notes warming the audience. Only a rare few can meld an approach as smooth as silk with an attitude that can fray it into perfect rough edges. Be sure to catch Taylor as she continues to represent Nashville’s incredible talent on this season of The Voice. 



Imagine five barefoot boys with stringed instruments and the energy of a child high from a sugar rush. Whiskey Shivers were so energetic that it was challenging for me to capture a decent photograph of the bunch without a blurred face somewhere. A little taste of Appalachia – Whiskey Shivers allowed us the chance to watch a conversation between some of the mountain region’s most traditional instruments.

DSC_0059DSC_0122 copyDSC_0010

DSC_0112 copy

Front man Dave Coleman succeeds in leading the Coal Men‘s pop sensibilities, without appearing either kitschy or contrived. Besides delivering catchy vocal hooks, he’s clearly comfortable behind an electric guitar, easily shifting from crunchy, grunge rock vibes into an atmospheric sound through innovative pedal usage and a clever hand.


The audience’s reaction to Brian Ritchey‘s music stands as a testament to its strength. After he finished his first song, a single whisper would have been notably audible from across the room, having awed the room into silence through the haunting prowess of his acoustic tunes.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 12.30.24 PM 3


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