The Lockeland Sessions /// The Weeks [VIDEO]

A week or so ago, we were lucky to host Mississippi bards the Weeks at L/S HQ for a stripped-down performance of their songs “Ain’t My Stop” and “Book of Ruth,” in a room filled with friends, flickering candles, wandering babies and restless cats. The Weeks, who can thrash loudly at the best possible levels with their melodic brand of Delta punk, actually take very kindly to an acoustic setting: you’re able to hear the oft-narrative lyrics and stories woven in a new light; the tales of madness and death and the hidden corners of working-class existence. “Let me off this train or land this plane cause this sure as hell ain’t my stop,” sings Cyle Barnes to a beat that’s half fuzzy funeral march, half smoky swap beat – does a senseless end to life mean a senseless existence?  Check it out for yourself in the videos below, filmed exclusively for Lockeland Springsteen, and purchase their Buttons EP here. Big thanks to Nick Pichnic and his crew for the video. And visit our past Lockeland Sessions, with Robert Ellis, Courtney Jaye, Drake White, the So So Glos and Joe Fletcher – we’re very proud of these intimate moments, and look forward to bringing you more in the future.

“Ain’t My Stop”

“Book of Ruth”

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 12.30.24 PM 3

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