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Kim Logan is back with thunder in her new single, “Neighborhood,” and she hasn’t lost an ounce of her flair for flirty ‘come hither’ lyrics or booze-y guitar licks

I am but a human being, and humans, for whatever reason, often subject themselves to all types of ridiculous reality television for kicks or out of sheer boredom and laziness. For me, the most recent of these indulgences was Swamp People on a particularly dull evening. If you’re not familiar with this golden nugget of reality found on the History channel, allow me to enlighten you. The show follows the dangerous daily activities of Cajuns living in the swamps hunting American alligators for a living. From what I gathered, it takes a tough cookie to survive the swamps, and one of those cookies is a redheaded doll named Kim Logan who brings the bite in her new single, “Neighborhood.”10355615_895370590479624_7707355092143225866_o

Proud to be raised in the swamps and beaches of Sarasota, Florida, Logan had her Winehouse winged-eyeliner eyes set on Nashville to make a name for herself. And it seems the city welcomed her with open arms, after all, a no nonsense babe with dirty blues attitude isn’t easy to come by in a slew of sweet Taylor Swifties. Perhaps what is most enchanting about Logan is that she brings the swamp to her sound, yet remains dually faithful to her southern twang charm. On her debut self-titled album released in the fall of 2012, Logan’s classic country and rock ‘n’ roll tone was tangled with the voodoo spirits  of yesteryear that resulted in a breath of fresh swamp air. Around that same time, Logan penned a piece for the blog about her nostalgic thoughts on the unity between fashion designer and musician muses of past decades. A girl after my own heart, impossible not to love.

Thankfully, Logan is back with thunder in her new single, “Neighborhood,” and she hasn’t lost an ounce of her flair for flirty ‘come hither’ lyrics or booze-y guitar licks. The heavy rhythm opening acts as a signature welcome back to Logan who I imagine strutting onto the stage in all her black magic glory. “I don’t like you baby/ but I’m just like you baby / I think I love you/ but I don’t know if I should,” she croons in the chorus smoothly like a snake in the grass. Somehow coming across as both the temptress and the tempted is something Logan does well in her songwriting, adding to her mystique and allure as Nashville’s own Voodoo Queen. 

Like the folks of Swamp People after catching an allusive 12-foot gator, Logan can celebrate her ability of enchanting and mesmerizing audiences with her wailing vocals and true blue American thunder. It goes to show you can take the girl outta the swamp, but you can’t take the swamp outta the girl…and in Logan’s case, that’s a good thing.

You can download “Neighborhood” here, and while Logan is performing several shows in New York, she’ll be back in Nash at the end of July at 12th and Porter.

– Kimberly B. 

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