Nashville Five // JP5’s Joey Plunkett

Take a gander inside JP5 via bandleader Joey Plunket, playing tonight at the Basement.


As a fairly new Nashville resident, my number one priority is to go from newbie to local in (hopefully) unnoticeably record timing. This means that if someone happens to ask me what the best burger spot is, or where to check out some live music on a Friday night, I can cooly reply with The Pharmacy and the Basement for Lockeland Springsteen’s own shindig featuring the talents of Nashville natives Steelism and JP5.

Upon checking out the latter, I was stunned to learn that these guys were all involved with several other projects and bands before and during their time as JP5. I mean sure, it’s far from unusual for a musician to have multiple bands on their resumé, but each member of the group seems to have a lot on their plates, yet still ask for more. You’ve gotta admire that type of appetite for music.

Atlanta native and frontman Joseph Plunket along with bandmates Cy Barkley, Jem Cohen, Adam Meisterhans and Rachel Hortman have been busy in the Bomb Shelter with Andrija Tokic putting the finishing touches on their first full-length album that promises not to be some new sub genre of rock and roll, but simply: good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll. And, to be a bit more specific, Plunket describes it as, “leaning more towards pop and romance than motorcycles and macho stuff.”

The album has yet to be titled, but if punchy summer night songs like “Wait For It” are any indication of what’s to come, it will definitely be well worth the wait. Plunket’s dynamic Americana vocals –à la Tom Petty– backed by the tenacious rhythms of Hortman on drums and Cohen’s bass make for a classic rock sound that, if heard on the radio, I’d probably wonder if it was from yesteryear. And did I mention JP5 features not one, not two, but three guitars?

Check out what Joey Plunket, otherwise known as the JP of JP5, has to boast about his beyond impressive bandmates’ backgrounds and why it might get emotional tonight at the Basement.

– Kimberly Baugh

By Joey Plunket

1. Cy Barkley

Cy has one of the biggest personalities in town (as many people know). He’s one of the 1st people I met in Nashville and along with Ben Todd he ran/lived at the infamous Glenn Danzig’s House. He continues to front The Way Outsiders, Slammers, and Los Huevos. As a founding member of JP5 he was instrumental in getting me to start performing and recording my own songs again. I’m still trying to decide if I’m grateful or pissed off about that.

2. Jem Cohen

I would say Jem is probably the most “Legit” dude in the band. He’s a pillar of the local business community as one of the owner/operators of Fond Object records. He’s 1/3rd of The Ettes, he plays bass with Greg Cartwright in the Parting Gifts, and  has  produced or played on a lot of cool records in town. He’s also my roommate and I find his Ambition and ingenuity exhausting. Makes me want to watch TV.

3.Adam Meisterhans

Adam is new to Nashville but we go way back. About a year ago we both ended up playing in Fletcher C Johnson’s band and he decided to move here after we got off tour. Get this, dude don’t drink, don’t smoke and loves to drive the van. When he’s not holding a steering wheel or a grilled cheese he’s playing guitar. I’ve watched him sit playing scales on his tele for hours on end with a big dumb grin on his face. I mean who likes playing guitar that much? Not me. Adam’s been making a splash around the honky Tonks. People think they can lure him away from JP5 by actually paying him but I’m not so sure.

4. Rachel Hortman

Tomorrow is Rachel’s last show as a full fledged original member of JP5. I’m a little scared of continuing without her. A little pissed at her for deciding to move to Atlanta (my hometown) but always impressed and inspired by her toughness and tenacity. I never ever would have started this band without her. Whatever happens from here on out I will always consider it phase 2 of the band because no one plays like her. We used to play in Psychic Hotline together and she has played in Heavy Cream and Peach Kelli Pop. Unfortunately, she went and got a square job. Why none of these kids wanna throw their lives away for Rock n Roll anymore is beyond me.

5. Seth Murray/Adrian Barrera/Ian Bush/Me

Our band started in Natural Child‘s shed when I was living with Seth in Paradise Heights (est. 2007) People often ask why we have 3 guitar players. Well I’ll tell you, it’s because Seth walked into our 1st practice and started playing 3rd guitar. Sounded pretty cool, I don’t know. Natural Child left for tour and my good buddy Adrian (Barreracudas, Those Darlins) filled in a couple of times before Adam got to town. Ian Bush is hopefully gonna be our new drummer. I don’t know him super well but I like his style. Seems like a cool dude. He’s played with No Regrets Coyote, and Breast Massage.

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