Nashville Five

Nashville Five /// Stacey Randol

The pop-folk artist gives us a tour of her Berry Hill neighborhood - and one of our favorite songs of the year thus far.

10007344_769460606397568_1729380858_o “Don’t get down, that’s just how I am wound,” sings Stacey Randol on her song “Fables,” the title track from her new EP. It’s a haunting, exquisitely layered anthem that conjures the vintage gauze of Beach House, the choral muse of Fleet Foxes and the rich complexity of Fleetwood Mac into a track that’s one of my favorite local releases of the year thus far – Randol’s voice is deep in tone and perfectly-annunciated, punching each note and syllable clear into the sky, echoing effortlessly, boosted up by ethereal strings and subdued chimes. Watch below.

Randol’s a modern folk artist of the truest sort – her song “Take Me To The Country” explores a Vampire Weekend sense of tropical play, while others, like “Sly Stranger,” flirt with jazz chords, classical interludes and whimsical lyrics. There’s a fluidity in the record despite a generous musical playbook unafraid of pop construction or a catchiness quotient that never sacrifices a sense of experimentation or sonic play – always interesting, yet always approachable, resting intimately yet slipping through your fingers just enough.

For her Nashville Five, we had Stacey take us on a tour of her neighborhood, Berry Hill. As die-hard East Sider’s, we always appreciate a clever point of view from the other side of the river. We do, contrary to popular belief, venture further west than Cannery Row and Eighth Avenue. Sometimes, at least.

Don’t get down – that’s just how we’re wound.

 by Stacey Randol :::

5 reasons I enjoy my neighborhood – Berry Hill

1)      Sam and Zoe’s – Many mornings I will stop into Sam and Zoe’s before heading to work. They have the best chai in town I tell ya. So much so that 99% of the time their friendly staff will assume I am ordering chai. And if I am feeling a hefty breakfast I will order the “Early Bird” or the “California” on jalapeno bread. They have old records inside that you can sort through while waiting for your coffee. Or if you are on the run like I am most days, they have a drive-thru! I have loved this coffee shop even before moving to Berry Hill.

2)      Black Abbey Brewing – I am a big fan of craft beer, so I am very happy the neighborhood finally has a brewery. And it wasn’t until this year that I found out Black Abbey was just down the street. My personal favorites are The Rose and Potus 44. They are always spinning records in there as well. I highly recommend stopping in and sampling all of the great beers on tap. I am looking forward to watching them grow—maybe they will eventually expand and have a rooftop patio perhaps? That would be awesome…

3)      Southeastern Salvage—From plants, to pottery, to jewelry, to furniture, to lumber, to weird naked statues … they have all the good stuff at a discounted price. It’s always fun to walk through and check out what they have. They have a lot of scrap materials there as well. My coffee table was actually made from scrap wood pallets from their lumber yard. Total cost was four dollars.

4)    El Mariachi—And once you are done at Southeastern Salvage, you can just walk on over to El Mariachi—my favorite Mexican restaurant in town! I probably go there once a week, haha. My favorite item on their menu is the Aztec Soup. Nicely paired with 2 for 1 Dos Equis! Also, in the winter they have the heat cranked up, so it’s really warm and cozy inside and in the spring/summer they have the breezy patio. Both of which, I am IN to.

5)  Blackbird Studio—In the heart of Berry Hill you have this studio where a wide range of highly notable artists like Beck, Kings of Leon, Sheryl Crow, The White Stripes, have all recorded albums. Besides a recording studio, it’s also an academy for audio engineering AND they rent gear as well. We actually rented mics and pre-amps from Blackbird when recording ‘Fables.’ It was awesome to be able to use expensive equipment for a relatively small fee.

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