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Nashville Five /// Vinyl Thief

Vinyl Thief's "Stop Motion" leaves us in high anticipation for their debut full-length release this summer.

I first caught Vinyl Thief at an East Nashville Underground, and was immediately drawn into their animated and charismatic performance. On stage, it is clear that the chemistry between the band members has been developed through years of playing music together; the tightness of their compositions indicates musicians whose personal styles have shaped a collective sound.

They released their latest EP, Stop Motion, on February 4, featuring a matured version of their electro-rock outfit. Each track is an evocative and meticulously crafted part of its cohesive whole. Songs like “Slow Down” beautifully render the precipice of adventure within one’s mind; the an imagery-laden arrangement leads to the thrill of elopement that exists as a fantasy, where one finds within their imagination the thirll and temptation associated with disappearing the grid, making a hasty retreat from reality. Vinyl Thief emulates the bridge between excitement and anxiety, creating the perfect album for moments of conjuring our own personal cinematic release. Stop Motion leaves us in high anticipation for their debut full-length release this summer.

Read their Nashville Five below, and catch them at The High Watt this Friday, April 11, with Phin and INTL.

By Vinyl Thief’s Andrew Broadway:::

1) Crema- Coffee is a Godsend. Most cities we travel to incorporate a pit stop at a local coffee shop (or few), so it only seems fitting that this should be on the list. At Crema, they truly know how to brew some dang good coffee. Whether you lean towards a straight-and-narrow plain cup of joe or you’re adventurous and try something off-the-wall, like the coffee soda, you cannot find anything bad on their menu. And their food is grand, too.

2) Los Arcos- When we aren’t looking for percolation, we’re looking for food. Mexican food is our tried and true choice. What isn’t better than a big bowl of chips and salsa and an icy margarita? Los Arcos has all that and more. It isn’t fancy. It’s just good.

3) Parnassus Books- This classy bookstore is great to browse for local authors and seasoned classics. As a band, we’re all over the board with our book taste. Some may love a Stephen King novel while others will read history books about the American Revolution. One of the greatest find there was a Ken Burns book on the National Park system.

4) Fox’s Donut Den- Donuts maybe terrible for you, but they are so stinking good. Fox’s makes some of the best donuts! They even have this amazing donut called the Big Texas. It’s 18 inches around and is a great alternative to a birthday cake.

5) Santa’s Pub- It is the weirdest place in town. Somehow, it can also be the most fun. You can belt out your favorite karaoke tune and hang out with the local Santa lookalike. Be ready to have a blast in a double wide.

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