Photo Diary /// The So So Glos

About this time last year, we met Brooklyn-based punk-rock outfit The So So Glos– the first band to perform in our Lockeland Session series. With a warm-hearted bluntness, bountiful energy, and similar thoughts on NYC masochism, they took us back to the boroughs from which we both haphazardly escaped, at just the right time.

Over the past year, the release of their album Blowout has garnered wide critical acclaim, showcasing a deep comprehension of punk-rock composition interjected with raw, anthemic stances on the realities that plague today’s societies. Their tracks travel through fast-paced and gritty landscapes of urban America, expressed with the youthful ardor of those who haven’t yet lost their positive ideals. But beyond the music itself is the energy of a So So Glos show; the band performs with an unparalleled amount of energy, magnetizing and engaging the audience into a cultish wave of mosh-pit approval. It would be impossible to see the So So Glos play live and avoid being sucked into the vacuum of empty space that surrounds the stage. A sense of humor and charisma amplify every experience born of the four-piece outfit, from their studio sounds to their live shows.

The band sees Nashville as a second home, and for this reason, we asked them to do our next photo diary; like their music, the result is both fun and thoughtful.

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