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Those Darlins play a free hometown show (with free libations, too) tomorrow at Exit/In. Blur the Line, blur your vision, blast your eardrums.

62370_10151867019551059_1056416769_nFew things inspire such gut-wrenching rage within my weary heart as when bands fronted by or containing women are forever deemed “girl groups,” terminally (and I use this word with all condemnations that come with it) categorized as simply part of a cute category of music where the songs rock lightly and someone with chipping nail polish plays decent guitar you applaud anyway because, well, she’s a she. (Don’t even get me started on “Best of” lists that love to tick down Top Female Guitarists…as if we’re a completely separate species only able to look to Courtney Love as a role model instead of Joe Pass, drooling over her shiny Vista Venus. Pshaw. However, that surf green color was killer). We do, however, look super charming playing bass – thanks, Billy Corgan for that, because we never really knew how nicely a pair of breasts can jiggle to the rhythm before you came along. Anyway, you’re a pretty good licker…for a girl.

Those Darlins know they’re a band that contains some girls: they’re called Darlins, after all, but that’s always been tongue and cheek, a friendly middle finger to conventions and nice ladies who do things they’re supposed to. They’re not those darlings, you know (and they’re even 1/2 boys). But these locals have played rock ‘n’ roll music spiked with the essential roots of their southern bones since inception, unafraid to dangle their femininity when needed and pull back at others, playing with grit and punk aggression at times and a woozy subtle hand at other. Jessi Zazu, Nikki Kvarnes, Linwood Regensburg and Adrian Barrera just landed back home after a tour with Diarrhea Planet, pushing their excellent LP Blur the Lines (a critical favorite, including a top ten pick from the Scene). They’ve released a new single, “Why Can’t I” (you can listen below) and filmed a live version of their song That Man with Tristen, Caitlin Rose and Adia Victoria for the Cream.

Now, in their last area show before the play Bonnaroo, they’re hitting Exit/In, playing a free gig tomorrow, 2.28 (with free beer) –  all you gotta do is RSVP here. And if you need an idea where to grab a bite first, check out Those Darlins’ Nashville Five ::: Top Awesome Places to Get Food in Nashville, by Jessi Zasu herself. Free tips, free show. You know us girls, always giving it away. We’re such floozies.

By Jessi Zazu of Those Darlins :::

Five awesome places to get food in Nashville:

1. So Gong Dong Tofu House: This is my favorite restaurant in Nashville. It’s out near the airport and is hands down the best Korean food in town. It’s also one of the most invigorating eating experiences you’ll find anywhere. The dishes come out of the oven still boiling, served with an array of small dishes ranging from sweet to savory. Each person gets a raw egg to drop in their soup, and the barley tea is also delicious (and free!). I always get the mushroom tofu soup and oh man, just go here. My description could never do it justice.

2. Nashville Farmers Market: Do yourself a favor and go here to get your produce instead of Kroger or Walmart. Everything tastes so much better. Plus there’s a great gardening center so you can buy seeds and plants to grow your own food. Plus there’s a food court with a variety of different places to grab some grub even if you aren’t shopping for groceries. I recommend the Jamaican place. Plus there’s free samples.

3. Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Cuisine: I’m a vegetarian so I am always excited to find a good vegetarian restaurant, but the best part about Woodlands is that all my meat eating friends love it too. There’s not much to say here besides it’s Indian food, it tastes really good, the atmosphere is pleasant, it tastes really good.

4. The Produce Place: This place is a good alternative to the large corporate health food chains. It’s quite the opposite, a small store packed with lots of organic food. If you’re not near the farmers market, consider going here. The people who work there are nice as well.

5. Gojo Ethiopian Cafe: If you’ve never had Ethiopian food- they make this flat sponge like bread and put piles of different dishes on top of it. Then you rip off pieces of the bread and eat from the piles. It sounds weird, but its fun. I mean… theres no silverware. It’s awesome.

Photo by Veta&Theo for Ovvio Arte.

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